] years), banning guns continued to be at the

and Mass Shootings: Another call for the wrong regulatory approach.”


by Audrey D. Kline, an associate professor at the  University of Louisville college of Business.
The abstract gives a quick description of why gun prohibition won’t happen. She
states that in the wake of the mass shootings in Orlando and San Bernadino
(which I have shown to be two of the top 3 mass shootings in the last 4 years
years), banning guns continued to be at the front of media and social media
reports, however as previously learned, gun prohibition causes an increase of
illegal buying and selling of firearms as well as increased black-market
activity. She asks, ‘Is prohibition effective?’. She first defines what a mass
shooting is by explaining that the FBI believes a mass shooting to be “when
four or more individuals in the same location are shot at the same general
time”. However, she claims the focus of prohibition is misplaced as poverty is
one area that is strongly related to violent crimes, this was seen when there
was a handgun ban imposed in Washington DC, the murder rate rose by a
staggering 75% when the law was first imposed. She notes that America isn’t the
only country to fail with gun prohibition and lists several countries which include
Ireland as having struggled with gun prohibition.

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4 “Public
Mass Shootings in the United States: Selected Implications for Federal Public
Health and Safety Policy.”


paper which was written in 2013, shortly after the sandy hook mass shooting which
killed 27 lives (Not in my data as I covered from 2013 on). It is focused on
how federal companies are reacting to mass shootings, and how it should be
combatted. This paper does not cover or debate the prohibition of guns which
the previous literature review before this did. The contents of this report covers
the Law Enforcement implications which covers the community policing to prevent
such incidents, Also intelligence-led policing which involves predicting how
and where such incidents can occur. The author covers how local federal
companies respond to mass shootings, and how these federal companies can
prevent these shootings. Barrack Obama’s plan to reduce the gun violence in
America is covered in this report. It states that the main points on reducing
gun violence include, closing background check loopholes, banning
military-style firearms, making schools safer and giving increased access to
mental health services.



5 “US
figures show sharp global rise in terrorism.”


by Susan B. Glasser, this report analyses how the rate of international
terrorism has risen, however, she stresses as a sub-title, the State Dept. will
not put data in the report. This report, being more than a decade old, still
correlates to todays number of international terrorism rate. The report states
that the US government saw a significant growth in global terrorism from a
record high of 175 attacks in 2003 to 655 the next year, with terrorist attacks
in Iraq for example rising from 22 attacks to a massive 198 attacks.
Unfortunately, I didn’t analyze data from that far back as I only analyzed from
2013 onward.