Work time provide flexibility to handle personal concerns or

Work life balance is aconcept including proper prioritizing between “work”( career and ambition)and”lifestyle ” (health,leisure,family,and spiritual development /meditation).Thisis related to the idea of lifestyle choice.This study is focused on work life balanceprevailing among the individuals employed at EID PARRY.             The term work life balance  (Work Life Balance) was coined in 1986 inresponse to the growing concerns by individuals and organizations alike thatwork can impinge upon the quality of family life and vice-versa, thus givingrise to the concepts of “family- work conflict” (FWC) and “work-familyconflict” (WFC).

  The former is alsoreferred to as work interferes with family” (WIF) while the latter is alsoknown as “family interferes with work” (FIW). In other words, from the scarcity or zero-sum perspective, time devotedto work is construed as time taken away from one’s family life.Work/lifeprograms  existed in the 1930s. Thepolicies and procedures established by an organization with the goal to enableemployees to efficiently do their jobs and at the same time provide flexibilityto handle personal concerns or problems at their family People entering theworkforce today are more likely to turn down to promotions if it is new jobmeans, the employee is having to bring more work to home.

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            WorkLife Balance can be defined as the perfect integration between work and lifeboth not interfering with each other. In the current business world, people andorganizations are working round the clock to meet the ever-growing demands. Aslight delay in meeting the schedules or expectations is considered to be anorganizational failure. To avoid delays and failures, employees are workinghard and giving their heart and soul to achieve work-life balance which iscreating an enormous pressure on them and hence they are forced to finish theirjobs irrespective of time limit.