With that human activity is the cause of climate

With years of research, it has beenproven that human activity, on earth, has caused temperatures to rise and ismost likely to keep rising causing major environmental damage. The President ofthe United States, Donald Trump, who does not believe that human activity isthe cause of climate change, but instead he believes that climate change is ahoax brought upon from China to help them with their global warming issues.Trump does not believe scientist that have proven that the cause of globalwarming is the actions done on Earth.

Trump has pulled out of the ParisAgreement, that was signed by 195 countries, that included an agreement fromthose countries to fight climate change and to speed up and step up the actionsand funding needed to sustains a low carbon future, to reduce carbon emission,and other actions that will help the world from further climate change damage.The Paris Agreement also includes adapting to the climate change effects, andto help those developing countries as well. With Trump pulling out of thisagreement, many developing countries will not have the funding that will beneeded to help them adapt to the climate change. Instead, because Trumpbelieves that the Paris Agreement will put the American people at an economicdisadvantage, Trump’s Presidential Executive Order on Promoting EnergyIndependence and Economic Growth orders a review of the “Clean PowerPlan” by Environmental Protection Agency to suspend, revise, or rescindthe rules put forth before by Obama. The stunning Draft that the EnvironmentalProtection Agency has put out is ignorant of climate change and does notmention any terms like “climate change,” “carbon dioxide,”or “greenhouse gas emissions.

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” Scott Pruitt, who is also a non-believerof human activity causing climate change, is an administration cabinetsupported Trump’s executive order to repeal the policy put forth by Obama: theClean Power Plan. Pruitt is the Administrator of the Environmental ProtectionAgency and does not believe that the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, is afactor of global warming.  Anotheradministration cabinet officer that supports Trump’s new climate change policybecause he is a supporter of mining and has ties to the oil and gas industries.  Congresshas risen concern of the strength in Trump’s believe of the fossil fuelindustry but they still choose to make laws that are in his favor. According to”The America First energy policy of the Trump Administration” thearticle says, “Without question, the Trump Administration and the Republican-controlledCongress are reshaping US energy policy.

” Congress is, by any meansnecessary, making laws in favor of Trump’s climate change policy desires. Trumpand Congress have both agree to remove the bans on oil and gas drilling in theUS. With Trump pulling out of the ParisAgreement has moved away the interest group of 193 countries that have promisedto take action to change the direction of global warming for better.Environmentalist are having strikes at pipelines where they do not belong becausethey cause oil spills to neighboring villages damaging their water; whichviolates their whole concept on refocusing their eyes back on “clean air andwater.” Every oil industry knows that theirbusiness is a potential risk that will produce climate change, yet for therevenue that it will bring in they choose to ignore and continue with theirventures.

Therefore, almost every oil industry is for Trump’s policy anddisagree with the EPA’s attempt to keep climate change at its minimum. When Trump was running for office, hepromised to commit to energy policies that lower costs for Americans andmaximize the use of American oil, without depending on foreign oil. Trump hadplanned to terminate the policies put by Obama: the Climate Action Plan and theWaters of the U.S.

law. According to Trumps administration terminating thesepolicies will increase wages over the new few years. Trump interest in bringingback the fossil fuel industry in the U.S. is because according to “AnAmerica First Energy Plan” on the white house website it states, “Wemust take advantage of the estimated $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, andnatural gas reserves, especially those on federal lands that the Americanpeople own” Trump is interested of the financial benefit that comes withit. With the financial advantage, he is planning on using the revenue torebuild roads, bridges, schools, and etc. It also mentions that Trump willenforce the Environmental Protection Agency to refocus their mission ofprotecting the air and water. With Scott Pruitt, appointed by Trump asAdministrator of Environmental Protecting Agency, Trump will do as hepleases.

   Trump’s Presidential Executive Order onPromoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth position is to push for cleanand safe expansion of energy resources, at the same time staying away fromunnecessary regulators that limit the production of energy, coerce the economicgrowth, and counteracts with the job creation. Another section of thisexecutive order put forth by President Trump, demands the head of eachexecutive department and agency to review every existing regulation that has todeal with restrictions against the production of oil, natural gas, coal, andnuclear energy resources to be modified in favor.With the President of the United Statesnot believing in man-made climate change and wanting to bring backenvironmental damaging industry back into the United States for profit is notworth it. Trump believes that the whole climate change concept is a joke andthat China has been trying to get the United States to help them fix theirproblem, but since most of the industries in China are American brands thatseek fewer labor costs in China America does have some part in their pollution problems.

If we do not regulate the fossil fuel industries and get a better climatechange policy that has its best interest in keeping oil out our water,pollution out our fresh air, and etc. we will be in a predicament we might notbe able to come back from. We are taking a step back instead of taking a stepforward, Trump should reconsider and reevaluate the scientific findings ofglobal warming and how it is man-made.