With it every year (Statista), but also to entertain

With the rising of controversy from the film Blackfish and members of PETA, SeaWorld has been receiving backlash from not only animal rights activists, but also those that have worked at SeaWorld previously. SeaWorld uses marine animals to not only display to the more than 22,000 people that visit it every year (Statista), but also to entertain the masses through the ever so popular aquatics shows. Although the outcome seems to be one that supports marine life and awareness, the truth about SeaWorld involves a routine of physical mistreatment to their animals, a lack of proper living conditions, and ultimately a much shorter lifespan than what would occur without captivity. SeaWorld uses these animals disregarding their safety, focused on generating profit rather than protection. According to an article by Kristin Hugo, the recent outlawing of Orca Breeding and Shows by the Orca Protection and Safety Act, gave the idea that it would be only a matter of time before the physical abuse put on all marine life would come to an end (“Breeding Banned”). This is contradicted by the fact that there are still hundreds of species of dolphins and whales that are not protected under the act. In an article by SeaWorld of Hurt, The dolphin is unwillingly drugged, leaving her in a state of immobility.

The semen is then injected with endoscopes through the uterus of the mammal, often in a violent fashion (“6 Ways”). Therefore, the new act enacted by California only protects the Orcas, and leaves SeaWorld free to do whatever they please on others. The constant pregnation of animals ends up causing harm to the animals. To illustrate, the story of Ruby, a beluga whale. Ruby was constantly used in breeding, even though her final pregnancies ended in tragedy. While one calf died from getting attacked by Ruby herself, she ended up miscarrying her final calf, and dying of kidney failure (Schelling).

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SeaWorld isn’t treating the animals humanely, and are more focused on quantity over quality while going through their breeding process. SeaWorld fails to provide the proper living conditions for its marine life. Animals that are in the wild often travel immense distances that cannot be contained within a tank.

An example of this is the Killer Whale, which travels over