While Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is basically on

While making a BI system we should keep in mind the infrastructure ofthe BI system which are of two types technical and non-technical infrastructure.

  An infrastructure should be right for us togive the best performance to the clients·       IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, Microsoft BI tools and Jaspersoft BI software are more software’s which are being used in the BI Systems .·       SAP Business Objects: it helps the company businesses tosort analyze and view their data. SAP is being also used by the De MontfortUniversity as well. ·       Oracle (OBIEE): Oracle Business Intelligence EnterpriseEdition (OBIEE) is basically on the front end of the BI systems. Which provideswith all the analytics functionality that can be used in reporting and in BIsystems.·       ODBC: Is a software which helps the API to get all the dataand information from different databases to be used. The most near to thissystem is middleware.

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The ODBC work is to make it possible to get data fromanywhere no matter which database management system(DBMS) has that data, itmanages to collect data from anywhere in the database by inserting a middlelayer known as database driver, between database management(DBMS) system and anapplication. Which help to type command that DBMS understand and provide itwith data that is required by the application.·       Software as a Service (SaaS): It is basically a third partysoftware provider as it provides different kind of software to the clients.They are provided to them online a few examples of those software are MicrosoftPower BI, IBM Congos analytics etc. ·       ETL Tools: Extract transform, and load is the meaning ofETL it helps to extract data from different databases and transform them as itfeels appropriate and load them into a different BI system like data mining ordata warehouse. it is user friendly software used in BI systems.

·       BI middleware: BI middleware is like a glue which helps keepseverything in BI system togethers. It works on the front end of the BI systemsnot only at theback end of the BI systems.·       In one of the lab sessionof DWS we discussed about some BI infrastructure concepts are present for BIsystems to be used like BI Middleware, ETL tool, software as a service(SaaS)and ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)·       BI arbitration board (aka steering committee) is alsopresent to help the team to come up with a decision when they are not able todecide between things that are needed to be present that is when this board stepsin it comes as a help but some time it also brings in conflict between managersas they are not able to justify why there method or decision was not selectedso as it is present for help it also brings in a bit of conflict as well. ·       Extended Team: According to Moss and Atre this team iscoming and going but it is not present always they are not working on one thinge.g. business sponsors they might come and go and see the progress report butthey are not always present for the project, as they are not doing just onething at a time. Strategic infrastructure architect is one of an example whoare there to give help and come in at any point of the project, but they willnot be present there for the whole of it.·       Core Team: According to Moss and Atre this team is alwayspresent for the whole time of the project in which project managers are therefor they are present for the project all the time and business representativesare also part of the core team whereas they are not needed for the whole of theproject, but they are still present for the project always.

·       Task also showed us that what a person needs to do tofulfil the clients demands and how he can do so which was shown by the”Waterfall” approach. There is not just waterfall approach but there are moreapproaches which is used to satisfy the needs of the client that isevolutionary approach and the phased (incremental approach which is used todivide the project into small parts and work on them. In Moss and Atre’s bookhe said what a development team is.

·       During the developments lectures we learned how to approachthe problem and what are the things that are to be taken into consideration.During the task of DWS we learned how to make a feasibility report. Feasibilityreport helps us to plan and see if it is worth it or not.

In a feasibilityreport one should take every aspect into consideration weather it iscommitments, cost planning legal procedures etc. a feasibility report is notshown up front it plays an important role in the BI development systems.APPENDIX 1ASSESSMENT 2