When spent hours trying to decipher the meaning and

When I ponder about the role that the subject of politics plays in our society, and the world at large, I get drawn back to a paragraph I once read in Haruki Murakami’s ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’, in which the protagonist states that he believes that the world is a disc supported by elephants and a tortoise. Neither creature knows the other is there, nor do they know that they carry the ‘world’ on their shoulders, yet their peaceful coexistence is the force that keeps the world afloat. I’ve spent hours trying to decipher the meaning and the significance of the elephants and the tortoise, and have come to the conclusion that the interpretations and connotations of this metaphorical allusion are infinite- making it, in my opinion, a ubiquitous marvel. Politics, Economics, and every subject in relation to both, I believe, tend to follow a similar principle, where ideals and policies, though at times contrasting in nature, coexist and ultimately form the metaphorical foundation that supports which the entire world, and all of its nuances. In both, Politics and Economics, I am drawn towards the concepts of freedom, and power. What fascinates me about these two seemingly juxtaposed concepts, is the fact that whether in isolation, or in synchrony, these notions tend to end in chaos. Furthermore, I’ve discovered through my pursuit of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, that whilst a vague idea behind ‘freedom’ and ‘power’ is are universally understood concepts, the connotation of the two words invariably shifts between the abstract realm of humanities.  Of all of the skills I have developed beyond the classroom, I feel the most transferable  have been acquired through debate. I see any opportunity to debate as an opportunity to challenge myself, but also to learn. Most lessons I’ve learned and most skills I’ve come to value have come from debating. Since the 9th grade, for instance, I’ve learned to quickly identify the crux of a problem, and respond rationally to crises. I’ve learned that harsh discourse and disputes can only take you so far, but a little diplomacy and tact goes a long way. Moreover, I’ve learned that there is nothing more persuasive than a logical argument. I believe that it was these qualities, that led me to be elected as the Head Girl, and a Senior Prefect of my school; honors which I continue to hold with the highest prestige. As an elected leader, I’m able to take an objective view of the desires of the student body as well as the teaching faculty, and efficiently bridge the gap between the two diverse factions. Furthermore, I came to see that, in the face of conflict, I was able to manage my emotions and look for solutions, rather than dwelling on the problem itself.   I’m an unrelenting idealist, in every respect. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my worldview isn’t always the most practical approach but it was my affinity for a ‘perfect world’ and and the policies around it -particularly the progression of human rights- that led me into the art of public speaking and advocacy; and later, to Model United Nations, where I began to deliberate about the solutions to global issues, especially those involving the improvement of the condition of women and children in areas of conflict. Though I was in a high school classroom, engaging in debate with fellow high school students, the very prospect of creating advances in the field of human rights shaped the goals I aim to pursue. In the future, I aspire to work as a journalist, using the media as a means of assisting in the peace process. To conclude, not only have Politics and Economics been my favorite topic of discussion, the subjects have also been my inspiration to seek out the meaning in everything. I hope to further this pursuit of this knowledge during my time at university, and inculcate the skills that will assist me in reaching my goals