When my own way, hitting, kicking, and biting. My

When I was younger and I used to misbehave by throwing
a tantrums when I didn’t get my own way, hitting, kicking, and biting. My mother
used effective ways to stop my behaviors such as giving me a timeout. My mom
had told me that the behaviors were unacceptable and I was sent to the timeout
area to sit in the corner for about two minutes in order to calm down. She
didn’t put me in the timeout for any longer since it wouldn’t be as effective
for me or any other toddlers. When growing up my mom was a role model since I
had learned by watching her. Many children would learn by watching what their
parents are doing and it is important to make sure that the behaviors are role
model acceptable. My mom had picked up her own belongs and put them away rather
than leaving them in random places. I had also followed along by putting my
toys away once I was finished playing with them. Another effective way to deal
with misbehaving children can be to never ignore aggressive behavior during a
tantrum such as when a child bites, hits, spits, kicks, etc. It is important
for parents to take action and to remove the child away from whatever is making
him or her angry. Parents can give the child the option of time alone in order
for the child to calm down. Once the tantrums are over it is important to give
the child a hug or kiss to let them know that you are there for them and love
them. After the tantrums are over it’s not okay for the parent to keep talking
about the situation over and over because these behaviors are likely to occur
once again. It is important for parents to always stay calm when a child hits
another child. By staying calm this allows for the child to realize that you
are in control of the situation. There are strategies that parents can offer a
child such as breathing exercises and or counting to a certain number. When I
was younger my mom never forced me to apologize. When I was calm she had a
discussion with me about how can I make the individual feel better that is
hurt. I used to color pictures to show an act of kindness and this has shown me
to take responsibilities for my actions as well as showing empathy for the
other person that was involved. It is never easy to work through emotions with
children however my mom helped me work through the different emotions that I
was feeling before it even got out of control in result of biting or hitting
another individual.

After reading
chapter fourteen on families and the two articles on effective parenting. I
would say it is important to never lay a hand on a child even if the parents
think that it’s ok to by spanking, hitting, or slapping a child despite the
behaviors that they are showing. All toddlers and babies wouldn’t be able to
connect between the behaviors and the punishment. These children would only be
able to feel the pain when a parent hits a child. If a parent lays a hand on
the child this can result in allowing the child to see that hitting is ok and
would model this type of behavior when the parents are trying to stop it. When
the parents spank their child then that child will become fearful of their
parents due to this. Spanking is never a good punishment and children wouldn’t
learn their lessons. There are other ways to handle these types of behaviors such
as parents should talk to the child about their actions for misbehaving and the
consequences. Giving a child a timeout or taking away the television time and
videos games can also be an effective way. It is always important to give the
child the feedback and to ensure them that these behaviors are unacceptable.
Parents should also stay calm and to calm the child down.

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3.  Imagine that you are a parent of a toddler.  Your child
has recently started biting other kids at preschool and throwing temper
tantrums when the teachers intervene. S/he is also throwing temper tantrums at
home when s/he doesn’t get his/her way.  Given what you learned about
effective parenting in the two articles you read and in the text, do you think
that spanking will be effective in changing these behaviors?  Discuss
at least two scientifically sound strategies you could implement that are
likely to have the effect of decreasing/stopping these behaviors.