When celebrities, it’s a top class destination for many

When the thought comes of Mauritius, the main picture of it comes to sandy beaches, azure lagoons and huge palm trees. This is not enough to describe the incomparable landscapes and the beauty of the pretty tiny portion of Paradise. Although, Mauritius is the popular destination of honeymooners and celebrities, it’s a top class destination for many prestigious hotels, bungalows and high class villas.Best and 5 Top Most Attractions to Travel in MauritiusNot only the beaches but also the historic sites, breathtaking views, wild forest, and many more things have to be seen in Mauritius. Here is some Top 5 Most Tourist Attractions to Travel in Mauritius:1. Mauritius Botanical GardenThe Garden of Pamplemousses and SSR Botanical is jointly called as Mauritius Botanical Garden.

It’s a popular travel destination in the country. It’s located close to Port Louis. This one is the oldest among the botanical gardens that are situated in the Hemisphere of the South.

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 Pierre Poivre is the builder of the fabulous garden in 1767. The area of the garden is around 37 hectares. This one is very famous for the gigantic water lilies, garden of spice and the collection of unique varieties of 85 kinds of palms. These are collected from Asia, Africa, and Central America along with the Indian Ocean as well.2.

ChamarelChamarel is located in Savanne district, which is a small village with a lot of attractions. You can visit here some beautiful places and Mauritius Highest (100 meters) waterfall along with 7-colored earth. The waterfall is so impressive that you can’t find anywhere and it is a perfect spot to visit.

 When you climb with the stairs to the platform of view the falls, you will see an awesome view of the falls that is hitting the pool at beneath of 100 meters. Sand and other distinct color made “Seven Colored Earth”, including browns, purples, reds and others.3. Gorges National Park of Black River The Gorges National Park of Black River is located over an area of more than six thousand hectares in the southwestern hill side of Mauritius.

You can walk over the green and the highest point on the peak of the Black River. There are picnic spots, 60 km of trails and 2 information centers for the visitors. There are many endemic animals and plants in the park with the flying fox of Mauritius, pink pigeon, Mauritius cuckoo-shrike, Bulbul, kestrel, parakeet, Mauritius fody and many more animals to see.4. Albion City’s Light HouseAlbion is a small city having approximately 3300 people in it. The city is located between Port Louis and Flic en Flac on Mauritius western coast.

The area of Albion is so calm, as a result, it is known as the sleepy charismatic. The beach of Albion is not large, but it’s calm bay and wrapped with white sand, many trees along with some turkeys blue lagoon there.5. Port LouisTourist attractions of Port Louis are mainly, Port Louis Bazaar, the Caudan Waterfront, old theatre in Port Louis, Police Barracks, and the Mauritian Chinatown. There are three museums, including the Mauritius Natural History Museum, the Mauritius Stamp Museum and Blue Penny Museum. These Top 5 Most Tourist Attractions to Travel in Mauritius are not all that you have to see. There are many more places and spots to see in this country surrounded and made of islands. So, be entertained with your Mauritius visit!