When aspirations. When keeping in mind a certain job

When talking about
personal development goals , it focuses on indulgence of activities for
awareness and identification enhancement 
moreover to development of talent and reaching ones potential,
furthermore  enhancing the quality of
life, employability facilitation, increasing or elsewise building up human
capital, developing talent, reaching ones potential and fulfilment of dreams
but with realization of dreams and aspirations. When keeping in mind a certain
job description then the applicant should keep in mind his potential,
strengths, weaknesses , whereabouts of the job, requirements, job description
and realizing the fact weather of not he/she is applicable for the job or not.
A self-assessment gives an in-depth analysis of ones skills.


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As per my SWOT analysis
weaknesses include essay writing (documentation and making proposals), coping
with pressure, learning new skills, negotiation and assertiveness, oral
presentation, report writing, reading skills, questioning skills and referencing.
strengths include  group work, reelection
of one’s experience and listening skills however opportunities include my
personal development plan which includes effective leadership, maintaining
welfare, fulfillment of objective’s, desired action plan, implementation and
effective teamwork would be of help as the team is being ones success and
company however there are certain threats that includes not being able to work
under pressure which might lead to difficulty in functioning, weak presentation
skills where the actual message would not be conveyed properly regarding
products, not being able to come to 
conclusion could possess as a major threat however not being able to
question and clear out your views can lead to assertiveness and lack of
understanding. Report writing can be a major threat as any flaws will lead to
sales being effected and thus as a manager I wouldn’t be able to be an
effective leader. Lastly lack of teamwork or an ineffective team will lead to a
disaster. It is one essential component that solely depends on the leader
however this analysis would contribute to my strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats. However moving forward my developmental plan will be
based on this thus catering areas of improvement, objectives, so on and so

When applying for the
job the job of an area sales manager the tasks would include being responsible
for overseeing sales operations, meeting targets and managing the sales team in
the region. The task of an area sales manager would include: Develop efficient
and creative sales and marketing strategies for the assigned territory and
target setting for the sales team. Upon self-reflection I tend to be strong in
group work, reflection of one’s own experience and listening skills however
action planning , analytical skills, gathering and using data, note taking,
self-organization of time and saving time thus making the most out of it,
meetings, solving problems and visual communication add onto it.  Keeping in mind that nobody qualifies for
such a position at the starting level an individual need to focus on a
developmental strategy that will help him reach the designated position however
the weaknesses and strength needs to be worked upon. Here smart goals come into
consideration thus helping make a developmental plan to be used over years.  In order for me to reach a position of an area
sales manager an individual would look at the following criteria however in my
follow up it would last for about six years.

Ø  Define
your goals

Ø  Prioritize

Ø  Set
a deadline

Ø  Understand
your strengths

Ø  Recognize
opportunities and threats

Ø  Develop
new skills

Ø  Take

Ø  Get

Ø  Measure

However my personal development
plan would be a gradual one which would counterpart every strength and
weakness. In order to reach the desired position embracing success and thus
working on my areas of improvement would highly be primary areas of focus. My
plan would be that of a six year plan where the objective would be identified,
followed by the strengths that correlate with it to achieve the best results,
if not then develop plans to overcome the plans and by the end of the year execute
the plan in a successful manner.  My
first objective would be Improvement in job-related skills. Here’s an example
of this goal: At the beginning of the year, being a sales manager I will decide
ether or not I need to do better at coaching salespeople. That’s a skill that
will help me perform better, but takes time and practice to develop. So, when I
as a manager decide to improve in this area, I’ll make a commitment to improve
a skill that directly impacts my job and asserts effectiveness. When talking in
professional terms to build my effectiveness as an area sales manager  thus being seen as someone who others want to
work for ill be an attractor of talent by providing opportunities for company,
sales and employee growth and development. This would in turn call for me being
Knowledgeable, experienced, fair, open-minded, Comfortable taking charge and
having Strong communications skills.

Moving on for the
second year my objective will be based on Acquisition of collateral
competencies. These are things that as a manager and willingness to become one
would require. It calls for improving employee’s value to the company and
qualify him to do something other than the job he already has including myself.
This would require me to work in different departments and thus gain expertise
and knowledge regarding all so that I can pass it to my employee’s thud
benefiting the company. For example, a sales manager I may decide to improve my
strategic planning skills and using them in my current job, but it’s competency
that will make me more valuable to the company. Identifying a “peer”  to help me, support me, make me stay focused
on my efforts to adopt a coaching style more often used for team efficiency
would be beneficial. This would include meetings with each staff member to
obtain a better understanding of what they need from me as a coach plus how can
I help empower myself to do my job better, what can I delegate to myself to
grow within my capabilities.

Third year would call
for Addition of knowledge. This is when being an area sales manager I will
decide to learn things I currently am not aware of in my field nor do I have
any prior knowledge to that. Knowledge is different than skill. For example,
being as a manager I can learn more about a certain product line or a market
segment. Improving knowledge is acquiring information when it comes to different
departments but be the master of my field. As a sales manager to grow more
valuable and be more competent in my job I would require both. This would
require improvement and mastery in understanding of my department’s mission and
my areas of responsibility, significant knowledge base of departmental areas
when it comes to functioning of my organization and having work ethics.
Enhancement of my technical skills, becoming faster and more adept at creating
documents /presentations based on knowledge gained would help me excel in this
objective also helping me overcome my weaknesses as mentioned earlier.

Leading to fourth year
I would definitely have a new objective, say resolution. It would focus on
sales which would solely be a mangers responsibility. Progress of the company
will be in my hands however it would require good presentation skills. This
sales presentation is an effective tool towards selling a product or service to
a client. It is a forum wherein the salesperson has many opportunities and
avenues to communicate the sales pitch and sales information to the client.
Learning new software’s and gaining insight as per presentations would help me
boost company sales and would make my position stronger in the company.

Firth year I’ll be
focused on participating in learning events. Through this I get the opportunity
to invest my own development strategies in a learning event with only a vague
end result in mind but being sure of my output regardless of the outcome.
However it should be great as it will provide confidence towards me knowing my capabilities
and the potential of having to excel. Attending key events with the intent ion
of learning by observing and noting methods and approaches used by our public
spokes persons will definitely be advantageous. Setting up brief meetings to
discuss and learn how they prepare for and develop material before presenting
will help me gain insight and further enhance my learning skills.

The last year of my
developmental plan would require execution of all my objectives and targeting
my weakness thus overcoming them by ways mentioned earlier. However  skills including IT, budget and report
writing skills, improved sales and negotiation skills, the ability to motivate
and lead a team, excellent communication and ‘people skill, good planning and
organizational skills, the ability to work calmly under pressure will no longer
be my weakness and make me suitable to be an effective, productive and
efficient  sales manager.


Working as an area
sales manager calls for having set of objectives which need to be fulfilled
managed, productive and prioritized. Taking it step by step objectives would be
our main focus. Marketing leadership is essential for the company’s growth with
respect to different areas and channels, motivating the team and oneself at
this position to achieve personal goals and company’s goals is essential
however in terms of planning, directing and managing sales a sales budget need
to be archived. These objectives are followed by developing and expanding new
channels as an area sales manager which accounts for introducing good and
valuable products in the market however using technique’s and strategies to target
effective sales is important which involves obtaining, applying and implicating
knowledge. Here the strength and weaknesses reviewed in the SWOT analysis would
be taken into consideration where personally action planning, group work,
analytical skills, gathering and using information so on and so forth would
contribute to my overall productivity in terms of objectives. Taking the
discussion forward comes the involvement of time management techniques.
Organizing and time management contributes to my strengths category therefore
making the most out of time and meeting my deadlines, work essentials would
just be on the line. This would maximize the effectiveness of my efforts thus
enabling me to get more work done in less time thus using my time in an
effective and efficient manner. Furthermore as a manager I would be able to
schedule my tasks in a better way thus enhancing my goal productivity and
living up to my objectives. Planning, self-awareness, self-motivation, focus,
decision making, planning, communication skills would contribute to effective
time management. Prioritizing work activities is an essential element of
productivity as an area sales manager as it allows you to achieve long term
goals, identification of your tasks or objectives thus giving those tasks a lot
more time, energy and attention including the fact that you would work on the
right tasks more and help you plan better. Being an area manager I will also be
entitled to a leader’s role and here I’ll be dealing with work standards. Maintenance
of discipline, morale and team spirit will be on the top. My duty is not only
restricted to my individual goals but also towards my team and company which I
will be taking forward. Providing team with encouragement, motivating them,
open communication, training of appropriate skills, constructivism in terms of
resolving conflicts, appointing sub leaders when appropriate to ensure work
progress, defining the task, building up a plan, allotting members to their
role, allocation of resources, ensuring quality of work, controlling the pace
of work, keeping my team focused and evaluating overall progress including
modification would contribute to work standards and being an effective leader.
With all this comes the relationship management and its importance. It is
essential to run business as a manager and build up a good customer
relationship. It will keep my business running thus it would become easier to
conduct business and generate revenue. 
Moreover increasing business sense and help understand how important it
is to maintain a healthy relationship. In short it will define my level of
engagement of my organization with the audience.


Will all this comes the
welfare of the team. As a manager it is really important to promote and
maintain the welfare of the team members. Giving them a sense of purpose will
help feel them better about their designated roles thus will provide them with
a sense of purpose in their work place. It’s really important to abandon false
formality as trust and confidence help achieve build great relationships. Being
transparent will be another contributing factor in terms of welfare as making
the staff feel that they have a role in the decision making of the company will
make them feel valued, important thus giving them, a sense of belonging. None
the less, going an extra mile for the team member is sometimes important it
will help them keep motivated example a vacation just to give them some time
off from work. And lastly it’s important to keep the team spirit going high
thus also providing them with small grants example a dinner for a project
success. All these components not only contribute to the overall well-being and
welfare of the team but proves that you are entitled to this role thus being
the most suitable candidate chosen and your employees will see pride in what
you do and how you as a manger fulfill your duties.

With maintenance of the
well-being of the team comes the risks associated with it (welfare). The risks

slip-ups and blunders

(with associates )

and disciplinary episodes

and non-appearance

confidence and negative environment

client administrations and quality

and occupation terminations (causing expanded staff turnover)

boss notoriety among staff, clients, and potential newcomers

Encouraging a
supportive work environment, healthy lifestyle choices, nutritional or exercise
campaigns and initiatives, motivational rewards for staff, and training and
personal development opportunities are some strategies that will help reduce
the risks however strategies mentioned earlier where being a strong leader will
her counterpart this issue. Risk management is involved here where he risks are
monitored and identified thus eliminated.

Having a clear business
purpose and ensuring this is communicated throughout the organization,
effective and ongoing communication between all levels of the organization.
Particularly, senior management must be accessible to all staff, especially
those on the front line (typically ‘customer facing’, or ‘factory floor’
employees), so that concerns and issues are exposed and transparent, rather
than staying buried and hidden, which is often the case in organizations with a
less-than-open management style are some risk management strategies. Furthermore
ensuring that any conflict issues that arise are dealt with appropriately and
quickly, while acknowledging confidentiality and differences in points of
view., providing opportunity for training and personal development and
encouraging teamwork through relevant training, exercises, rewards or
recognition are a list of activities that will reduce the risks and  build up the sense of well-being in the organization
so that the company maintains it reputation in the market and makes a steady
progress. It no doubt is a false statement that a company’s success lies in the
team working behind it and the leaders.