What need support, family, for the thesis is that

What are the consequences of teenpregnancy? The consequences of teen pregnancycan be worst for teens who are not mature enough Teen childbearing can havenegative health, economic, and social consequences for mother their children. Beinga teen mom was not, the easiest experience in life and you need support,family, for the thesis is that teens should focus on the future and useprotection if they are active. This information shows how. The income teenmother make and some are struggling with poverty.

I learned according theinformation from CDC that Teenage births are associated with lower annualincome for the mother (Swierzewski 2015).The teenage moms are more likely tofind their education because the teen mom who drop out of high school to getdiploma. They have a hard time finding a job. The Teenage pregnancy happenswith increased the rates of alcohol abuse and the lower educational level. Teenfather with the lower education level reduced earning potential for teenfathers.

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The Teen pregnancy is an important issue for several reason for teento understand what the impact will be. For example, there are health risks forbaby or children born to teenage mothers are more likely to suffer health,social, and emotional problems than children born to older moms. The teen moms whobecome pregnant during their teen are at increased risk for medicalcomplications, such as premature labor, and social consequences.

According tothe centers for disease control and prevention, In the 1990s, the teen pregnancy from theage 15-17 rates in   Teenage girls decreased because ofalmost 50 percent of pregnancy rates in older teens decreased by about 33percent. the research show that although teen pregnancies continuing todecreased in the United States, because the rates for the African Americanteens and Hispanic teens are two to three times higher than in the white teens.Because of the teens that grew up in poor neighborhood gets pregnant (Swierzewski2015).I think Akella shows sociallearning theory to examine the factors, which influence and manipulate theoverall behavior of the teenager reasons behind high rates of early childbirth amongstAfrican American and the teenagers and initiates them to choose earlymotherhood over education and career..

To the topic of teenagepregnancy is sensitive for all subjects of study are young girls undergoing alife changing process of motherhood. To understand their lives, their problems,their hard issues, Qualitative research allow the research participants toshare their views and experiences to expand theoretical. These shows how teenpregnancy affects young girls and their future will be a hard process.http://digitalscholarship.unlv.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1332&context=jhdrp    Beingthe teen mom is associated with higher risk for a number of poor outcomes. Teenmothers are less likely to finish high school.

The less successful teen mom onthe job market, and less likely to marry.  The morelikely teen mom to rely on the public assistance than women who have childrenafter teen years. In addition to the children of teen mothers, generally do notfare as well as other children. The Teen mom tends to exhibit more problembehaviors than other children do. Ithas become widely to score less optimally on assessments of cognitivedevelopment and academic achievement, and acknowledged that such outcomes shouldnot simply be interpreted as being caused by early childbearing itself. This isbecause teen births do not occur randomly among women in the population, butrather are experienced by women who themselves are much more likely to havecome from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Teenage mothers are up to twice as likelyas other women are, for example, I grew up with a single parent, and to havegrown up in single-parent families it was hard for me. Many teen mothers havespent much of their own childhood in poverty, often living in impoverishedneighborhoods characterized by poor schools, inferior public services, andlimited career options. Since people who come from disadvantaged backgroundsare generally at higher risk for poor outcomes, it is very difficult to sortout whether the long-term difficulties experienced by teen mothers and theirchildren are due to early bearing, or are the result of mothers preexistingeconomic and social disadvantages (Hillemeier p 402-405).  The board asserts that the continuingdecrease in teen pregnancy and birth rates attributed to the emphasis on bothabstinence and other methods of birth control.

The authors posit that whileopposing groups of sex education reformers who call for abstinence and birthcontrol education have different policy positions. They share the common goalof wanting to reduce the teen pregnancy rate in the nation. Despite thedecreasing rates of teenage pregnancy, however, the board acknowledges thatadditional change is still required in the effort to reduce these rates. Sun Sentinel Editorial Board. (2017)Today, the teenage pregnancy research is learning about negative impact is one of modern society’s evilbecause the people will judge and mock you.

Is the most difficult decision andis a rather alarming situation. The developed countries and underdevelopedcountries consider teenage pregnancy a social stigma. Because it can havedevastating effects on the teen’s social life. The negativity, the socialalienation, and the financial distress can weak for anyone’s life, the teen whois not yet mature or strong enough to face the world. However, the society hasseen as a sin because our society relies on moral beliefs, ethics, and humanetiquettes, and unfortunately, people in America judge teenage pregnanciesviewed as taboo. Society, as progressive as it wants to be, Cannot embrace theconcept of a pregnant teen mother.

http://www.momjunction.com/articles/effects-of-teen-pregnancy-on-society_00384725/#gref.    Theconclusion is the more teens reduce having sex or using birth control the lessgetting pregnant. Because their life will be planned better than or worse,teens need to focus on their education and plan on their future.