What in the country. There are more tourist coming


What advantage and
disadvantage does Fiji gain from these relationship.


Fiji has gain a lot with
China in terms of the economy and infrastructure. There has been a lot done by
China government in terms of Fiji relationship. They have created more job
opportunity in Fiji whereas they have just completed making two 2 bridges and
road in the country. There are more tourist coming to our shore which brings
more economy to the country. However after the 2000 coup the western countries
withdrew direct capital support from the government. Then china beefed up its
investment and support which helped Fiji rid itself of economic recession and
winning favor with local people.

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After the 2000 coup
Australia and New Zealand back up their relationship and both countries were
condemning the coup and placed sanctions in Fiji. The reason was they wanted
democracy in Fiji after the coup. In a long run China has maintained friendly
cooperative relationship with Pacific Island countries, actively supported
their infrastructure and promoted commercial intercourse. When Chinese visitors
visited Fiji then they have signed an Agreement of Economic and Technical
cooperation which provides concession loan to Fiji. China’s aid to Fiji had
played an important role in Fiji’s economy development. China provided the aid
not only for the economic but enhancing the ability of being independent and
reducing their country on imports. The relationship between china and Fiji is
significant. We have seen it and had experienced through the years that the
role was gallant and china played in our countries national development. China’s
aid also improved the employment rate of women, which enhances their
confidence. China also donated 1700 sewing machine to the Ministry of woman and
with them, and with that Fiji government built a sewing centre where a lot of
women in Fiji benefit. It also played an important role in the process of
bringing Fiji to democracy. Later China Ambassador to Fiji signed a Memorandum
of Agreement with the minister responsible for election in 2014 in order to
make the 2014 general election proceed smoothly. In the light of the Memorandum
of Agreement, china provided 1.462 million Fiji dollars to Fiji. Later in the
same year china provided additional 3 million Yuan worth of Police and Law
enforcement equipment to support Fiji’s election.

China also stated that
they would be pro –Fiji and support Fiji and treat Fiji like a friend as long
as it support one china policy. Fiji has appreciated china principle for not
interfering in other countries.  Since
China became a diplomatic relations with Fiji they have completed some of the
major projects as follows Technical cooperation project, concessional loan
project, Goods and material assistance project and other forms of assistance,
which also includes Bukuya, Nadarivatu and Somosomo hydropower project, Buca
Bay and Nabouwalu – Dreketi Road, Navuso Bridge, Vodafone Arena sports complex,
Navua Hospital and low cost housing and public rental housing project. They
have just completed two 2 bridges one in vatuwaqa and the other one in
Stinson Bridge in Suva. All these projects are for the improvement of Fiji’s
infrastructure and people’s livelihood based on the Fiji’s social- economic development.
Also the Fiji Police Force received large amount of Bikes and other equipment
to strengthen the policing in the country. China and Fiji have many common
interests in safeguarding and promoting world peace and prosperity. China has
respect in Fiji’s Independent foreign policy, also they supports Fiji’s effort
in upholding its legitimate rights and interests and in playing positive role
in international and regional affairs. China also thanks Fiji for its support
on many diplomatic issues.


To conclude I did not see
any development done by Australia and New Zealand as far as there relation is
concerned. Likewise China did a lot for Fiji as far as Crisis and in any needs,
china is there for Fiji. After the coup in 2000 Australia and New Zealand did
not allowed any Military personal to enter in their country which brings there
morality down. Many locals here in Fiji gained more knowledge and experience
with Chinese counterparts. They employed many Fijian to work with them to gain
knowledge. They brought trucks and machinery  for work purpose and once the works are done
then they will sell and take the economy back to china which is some short fall
for Fiji as far as I am concern.