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What I hope to gain fromthe Teacher Education Program is the ability to enhance students’ lives and bea positive role model that they can look up to and trust. I believe interactionbetween the students and the teacher is the most important factor to how astudent learns. A teacher’s job is to motivate self-learning.

Having a teacherthat shows they care about the child’s future in education and life willencourage the student and trigger their wanting to learn, causing them to learnmore. Teaching, I think is a very difficult job; you have to learn to balanceteaching your students what they need to learn in a classroom and how itapplies to life which I hope to develop in the program. What I also want tohave developed is to know when to be a friend when one is needed yet establishyour authority with students, or even act like a parent and enforce punishmentsthat can be hard to give. With my field experiences, I have seen differentperspectives of teaching, have gotten a variety of ideas, and have combinedthese experiences that make me a better teacher. A teacher has an opportunityto make a difference, to change the future. I hope to set high goals as ateacher and do my best to show each and every student that these goals arewithin their reach. I hope every one of my students to want to learn and moreimportantly to understand. I want to make my students wonder; make themquestion; make them think critically; make them write; make them read.

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Anexcellent teacher is not just someone who explains, not someone who justdemonstrates, but is someone who inspires. An excellent teacher goes the extramile because they can take any individual and make them believe that theirhopes and dreams are within their reach. I am hoping that this program willinspire me to do what I can to be the best possible educator that I can be.