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What is Arize?Arize is a natural supplement to sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction for men. Arize is made with a special blend of herbs that have been proven to increase both testosterone and blood flow to the muscles. This natural herb supplement is said to be an essential sexual enhancer for both men and women that have issues with sexual satisfaction from their partners or to partners searching for a different sexual experience to spice up their relationship The manufacturer of Arize claims that it can help you restore confidence, maximize your performance, increases libido and desire, and make you ready for any possible sexual encounters that come your way. Or, if you are just looking for something to spice up your sex life, you will be absolutely amazed with the results. This supplement is supposed to work within 10 to 30 minutes of the prescribed dosage.

It also claims to last up to four days with just a single dosage and could produce the desired effects without stimulation.How did Arize Start?Arize is produced in a GMP-certified factory and then tested for safety and purity at two different independent labs. This is done to ensure that it is offered as a safe and pure product. The company which makes Arize is also referred to as Arize, plus they haven’t provided any contact info besides a form which may be filled out. They’ve no telephone number or address recorded.There are not enough details about the manufacturing company location or contact address on the Arize website but a contact number and an email address were gotten 1-888-767-4889 or [email protected]

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comArize ClaimsArize claims that it can correct penile erection problems which include the hardness, frequency and hardness. In woman, it claims to improve orgasms improve sexual stimulation. According to the producers of Arize, Arize recipe has the ability to stimulate sexual appetite, increase blood flow and help with the longevity of the sexual encounter. The manufacturer also boasts that the product is effective and safe for use and can produce effects that can last up to four days without you having to reuse another time within this period and you will be ready for any sexual encounter that comes your way.Arize enhancement anufacturer claims that their supplement offers big boosts to the male libido in less time than most other ED products in the market; but they have not undertaken any clinical studies to back their claims. Arize IngredientsArize natural male enhancement supplement and testosterone has a unique blend of herbs that have been proven to raise testosterone and increase blood flow, which thereby increases muscle strength and size.A brief overview of the 5 components in the Arize Natural Male Enhancement formula is readily available below: The list consists of Korean Red Ginseng, Tongkat Ali, Ginkgo Biloba , Muira Puama and Rhodiola Rosea Root.   • Korean Ginseng Root Extract – the root extract of Korean ginseng makes it possible to dilate the blood vessels that encourages proper blood circulation throughout the body most essentially the penile cavity that is a major factor to achieving harder and long lasting erections.

 • Tongkat Ali Root Extract – An evergreen shrub that grows in Southeast Asia, the root of Tongkat ali can help you to excite sexual appetite, reverse the effects of erectile dysfunction and boost the body’s natural production of testosterone.It is one of the natural ingredients included in Arize recipe and it helps in increasing the levels of testosterone in the blood that is important in sexual drive and energy in men. It also helps in achieving satisfying erections and improves sexual desires.

Also, Tongkat Ali (also known as Eurycoma Longifolia) increases free testosterone that would otherwise be bound up with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).• Ginkgo Biloba –This herb improves overall sexual experience by improving the sexual drive of people with deficiency such as impotence or decreased libido. It is also effective in improving blood circulation that men with erectile dysfunction benefit from. • Muira Puama –A natural product used for preventing and treating problems like low libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.• Rhodiola Rosea Root –This plants originates from the mountains of China and Siberia and is traditionally used for invigoration and to enhance sexual desire, it is also believed to help enhance sexual functioning and assist in the treatment of Erectile dysfunction. Rhodiola rosea is called an adaptogen, a kind of ingredient used to protect the body from tensions from the surroundings, physical exertion or disorder. Adaptogens help enhance athletic performance and accelerate recovery time after workout.

 Does Arize work? Arize male enhancement formula is said to work by dilating the blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation. This process is beneficial to you if you have problems in achieving full erections or decreased sensitivity. When the natural herbs are digested in your body, it boosts your energy and helps you with your sexual performance, making you last longer in bed.

However, we can’t give a 100% guarantee if Arize works as a male sexual enhancer, some of the ingredients make sense but there really is no proof by the manufacturer to support this claim to make us belief. As a result of lack of evidence stacked against it and the deficient information on the website it’s difficult to recommend Arize as a solid male enhancement product. Arize Benefits and ResultsArize is produced in a GMP certified environment with high safety and purity, this reasons could be why 85% of people who take the product report absolutely no side effects when taken according to manufacturer’s prescriptions. In addition, the testosterone-boosting effects of Arize can be felt in thirty minutes and last for up to four days which makes it different from other product of this type whose effect is felt after many hours or days.Testosterone is the main male hormone. Arize is a testosterone-raising and muscle-building supplement because it is effective, works quickly, and is completely natural.

In addition, the product contains herbs that open and relax blood vessels, increasing circulation to muscles and other parts of the body. Details on Arize According to the website, Arize natural enhancement formula uses herbal formula to combat sexual dysfunction, and it can be used by both men and women.  In men, it enables hard erections, enhanced interest, and long lasting stamina.

 In women, it increased sex drive and sensual sensitivity so she will be more responsive to sexual touch.Arize is a natural and healthy alternative to many of the synthetic testosterone boosters that are popular among bodybuilders. Arize contains several herbal ingredients and some well known extracts used for boosting testosterone levels and correct symptoms of erectile dysfunction, such as lack of sex drive and the inability to maintain an erection.It contains Eurycoma Longifolia and Tribulus Terrestris which are both known as natural stimulants of testosterone production.Arize also contains Ginseng, which is known to be very useful in stimulating stamina needed for sexual intercourse.In addition, another very useful ingredient used in this formula is Epimedium, an aphrodisiac also called Horny Goat’s Weed which has a traditional use for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

  How to take ArizeWhen you want to have sexual intercourse, take two capsules of this formula thirty minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Within half an hour, men should experience ” explosive erection” according to the manufacturer.Taking the drug thirty minutes prior to intercouse will provide fuller and satisfying penile erections that you need to have a great sexual experience that you deserve.

Potential Arize Side EffectsAlthough the manufacturer claims that 85% of the users of their product have little or no reported cases of severe side effects but they have reported that facial flushing and an increased feeling of warmness can occur after taken their supplement.Horny goat weed which is an ingredient of this product may cause dizziness, or vomiting. Based on Arize natural male enhancement reviews , other symptoms could also take place as a result of allergic reaction to other ingredients present in the formula.Arize Product WarningsOn the online page of Arize ED pills, there is a message that says that users may experience some symptoms which are similar to what you can experience when you take ED prescription.

 Symptoms such as sweating, trembling, headaches, nausea, vomiting and other mild side effects . However, the ingredients listed as Arize menu do not produce these kind of side effects. This may be due to the Arize FDA warning.The company however mentioned that calcium and potassium are present in the supplements which may interfere with blood pressure medication.Arize LawsuitsArize Alternatives Where to Buy Arize Natural Male EnhancementArize Natural Male Enhancement is a product sold only online.

However, there are not many online retail stores that sell AriZe also it will be rare for you to find Arize in stores around your neighborhood.The major source to purchase this product is the Arize Natural Male Enhancement website, although there are claims that it is available on Amazon at the same price which you will see it in the company’s website.Although buying the product from the company’s website has advantages which include- free shipping for new customers , if you are a fan of social media and you “like” Arize Natural Male Enhancement page on Facebook, you are likely to get a 10% discount, and by leaving a testimonial you are likely to get another 10% discount on the products you buy.  How Much is Arize Natural Male Enhancement Pill?The smallest pack of Arize costs $39.95 without discounts. Higher packs cost less per dose than the smallest packages.The Bottomline on Arize