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What does IoT (Internet of Things) mean? Well, The Internet of Things is concept of interconnected devices or physical objects being connected to the internet. So what is this Internet of Things and why should you care? The Internet has been around for a while, but it’s been mostly the products of people so all the data, images, recordings, games, books and commerce and all of that was created by people for people and about people. The Internet is like a digital fabric that’s woven into the lives of all of us in one way or another.

The Internet of people change the world well there’s a new internet emerging and it’s poised to change the world again. This new Internet is not just about connecting people it’s about connecting things and so it’s named the Internet of Things.Lets talk about How your business gets benefits from IoTCollecting DataInternet of Things help business to assemble a wide range of data about their customers, giving them deep understanding of how those product are being used and how they improve in future to give customers even better experience. Iot help to manage the inventory and supply chain, also analyze if machines require repair and upgrade.Health MonitoringWe can easily identify health problems, patterns of heart rate, and digestive system. The information can be sent to the doctor for analysis.

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Automatic contact hospital in times of emergencies. SecurityInterconnected devices can help enhance the security of your home and business. Future development in CCTV devices that discover and track suspicious behavior in your house and send notification to your mobile devices. Only authorized person can watch CCTV footage.   Client CommunicationThe information gathered by IoT devices can easily send to client via app notification. This can help you boost on-going customer services. For example, IoT device could detect when customer need a product replacement or upgrade.

 There are some of the disadvantages of Iot  ComplexityWhen there are many system connected in a single loop, there are more chances of system failure. With IoT, failure ratio could sky high.CompatibilityAs many devices from different location of manufacturers will be interconnected, there rise an issue of compatibility. If all the manufacturers agree to use common standard, this disadvantage may drop off. Even after than there is always technical issue. In today’s time we have all devices that include Bluetooth and compatibility problem still exist.

 Employment LossMany helpers and unskilled workers may end up losing their jobs in the evolution of IoT. This can cause unemployment issues in society.