Weekly cost of hardware, operating system, database, and backup

Weekly Activity
On the first day of the week we held a meeting with Gül
Ayd?n,who is the head of the test and evaluation department.We introduced our
projects and they were informed about them.Immediately after the meeting I
interviewed my manager and got information about the last missing parts.After
these meetings I went to work to make the final touches of the project.I
concentrated on hardware and software firewalls. I solved their structures
and comparisons.The closure of missing parts and the achievements of this
week can be summarized as follows;
-Hardware firewall, the total cost is easily calculated at
first. There are device and update prices. In the case of software firewalls,
the cost of hardware, operating system, database, and backup should also be
taken into consideration while the cost is being calculated.
-Hardware Firewall has high performance because it is specially
designed. Software firewall performance depends on many parameters.
-Hardware Firewall, security is very high because it is custom
designed. Only certain ports are open. In software firewalls, security
vulnerabilities arise from operating system and other applications.
-Hardware Firewall is easy to install. In general, operations
can be done through a single interface.
-Hardware Firewall, updating is easy. A single firmware is
installed. Software firewalls are also hard to update. All applications need
to be updated separately.
-Hardware Firewall is generally not upgradeable. Software
firewalls can also be upgraded with hardware limits. (Processor, RAM, disk,
Hardware Firewalls
Hardware firewalls can be purchased as a stand-alone
product but more recently hardware firewalls are typically
found in broadband routers, and should be
considered an important part of your system and network set-up, especially
for anyone on a broadband connection. Hardware firewalls can be effective
with little or no configuration, and they can protect every machine on a
local network. Most hardware firewalls will have a minimum of four
network ports to
connect other computers, but for larger networks, business networking
firewall solutions are available.
Software Firewalls
For individual home
users, the most popular firewall choice is a software firewall. Software
firewalls are installed on your computer (like any software) and you can
customize it; allowing you some control over its function and protection
features. A software firewall will protect your computer from outside
attempts to control or gain access your computer, and, depending on your
choice of software firewall, it could also provide protection against the
most common Trojan programs
or e-mail worms. Many
software firewalls have user defined controls for setting up safe file and
printer sharing and to block unsafe applications from
running on your system. Additionally, software firewalls may also incorporate
privacy controls, web filtering and more. The downside to software firewalls
is that they will only protect the computer they are installed on, not a
network, so each computer will need to have a software firewall installed on