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We know you have a hate on for women, my friend who wrote that sign was very brave, she said what we all are thinking, you are a coward to try and silence her.Women have a lot to contend with; kids, and daycare, living wage, sexual harassment, underfunded sports, equal opportunities… issues we didn’t hear about at the women’s marches because we were listening about how the march should include men and exclude the word “woman” from all the event listings. So what about men (trans women)? They get raped too, yes, but women are not standing up advocating prostitution at the Vancouver women’s march like the trans-agenda exemplifies. Men speaking as/for women, but not getting any of it right (as usual).Trans identified males have the same crime stats as men. Statistics have been consistent in reporting that men commit more criminal acts than women.12 Self-reported delinquent acts are also higher for men than women across many different actions.3 Burton, et al. (1998) found that low levels of self control are associated with criminal activity.4 Many professionals have offered explanations for this sex difference. Some differing explanations include men’s evolutionary tendency toward risk and violent behavior, sex differences in activity, social support, and gender inequality.According to the 2015 International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, sex differences in aggression is one of the most robust and oldest findings in psychology.23Past meta-analyses in the encyclopedia found males regardless of age engaged in more physical and verbal aggression while small effect for females engaging in more indirect aggression such as rumor spreading or gossiping.23 It also found males tend to engage in more unprovoked aggression at higher frequency than females.23 This replicated another 2007 meta-analysis of 148 studies in the journal Child Development which found greater male aggression in childhood and adolescence.24 This analysis also conforms with the Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology which reviewed past analysis and found greater male use in verbal and physical aggression with the difference being greater in the physical type.25 A meta-analysis of 122 studies published in the journal of Aggressive Behavior found males are more likely to cyberbully than females.26 Difference also showed that females reported more cyberbullying behavior during mid-adolescence while males showed more cyberbullying behavior at late adolescence.26Domestic violence is an issue that affects vast numbers of women throughout all nations of the world.27 Although there are cases in which men are the victims of domestic violence, nevertheless ‘the available research suggests that domestic violence is overwhelmingly directed by men against women 27 In addition, violence used by men against female partners tends to be much more severe than that used by women against men. Mullender and Morley state that ‘Domestic violence against women is the most common form of family violence worldwide.’27However, such data generally shows that men tend to inflict the greater share of injuries and incite significantly more fear in domestic violence.34 Critics have used studies such as Dekeseredy et al. to argue that “studies finding about equal rates of violence by women in relationships are misleading because they fail to place the violence in context; in other words, there is a difference between someone who uses violence to fight back or defend oneself and someone who initiates an unprovoked assault.”35This male violence is worth defining since I can see no evidence of women, statically speaking, raping men, gang raping men, prostituting men, committing incest, telling us things about ourselves and our experiences as they see them, using positions of authority to access sex. Developing addictions to porn. Using women’s issues in religious and political power struggles. Women politicians (handmaidens) may do the same, those whiny feminists, bashing forward into equal rights, crusading on the coat tails of young men dresses as women, furthering a trans identified male’s agenda rather than her own. Who would take a whiny woman seriously anyway, men hate us, misogyny is a real thing. But we don’t dare hate men. Do you know what the name for man haters is? Probably not, why would you, why would women ever hate men? Is feminist a man hater? Misandrist, probably never heard of the word, because women have no right to be hostile in the face of aggression and censorship.Telling us thing about our experiences as it pertains to men, and not hearing what we are telling you about our sex, what we have experienced, is getting old. You will see this most abundantly in porn and Hollywood. As a liberal feminist I believed I had to begin to like porn to comes to terms with it, that some women may feel empowered, that the shame and disgust I felt about my own body could be overwritten with liberal feminism, porn and rape (bdsm) freedom.Women have a long way to go to get to their real sexual revolution. Not the freedom that says you can sell your body to an old man if you need money, but to where orgasm is the goal, not a positive new spin on rape, because money does not equal consent to a woman’s body only compliance, and a failure to support herself in a culture that puts little value on her beyond a tool for sexual gratification. Women need men who are willing to collaborate with them, not sell them the latest fetish.Don’t believe my life experience, let’s look at the stats of adolescent girls, their suicide rates, the influx of trans genders, the increase of girls saying they are giving blow jobs before kissing, the number of anal injuries of adolescent girls going to the emergency. Men have power over us, and women want to be taken seriously, that is why so many women are identifying as men, rape culture.To be heard, women have to align ourselves with a man in order to move up the ladder as a director, judge, cop, lawyer politician for example because of the old boy’s club. We need the support of men who will not abuse this power over us to access sex or make a power play. Religion and politics are the playgrounds for ego driven men and their cult of young girls following their every word, learning from men that to be equal, we must be like them and play these games of domination and power. My experience of men using positions of power and authority over us to access us sexually, with the farcical intent to work together in collaboration, is something you won’t find in the dictionary, no term for this, but it happens all the time. (my boss is a rat; a predator) These are words describing the behaviour that actually relate to other idea’s there is no word for this type of man. There should be. Most cults are run by men and their flocks of handmaidens waiting on them hand and foot hoping the cult leader’s power will shadow over them and keep them safe. Because this society is a fearful place for us once our fathers were out of our lives. Men are the directors of our fate; when they take over women’s sport organization, music, politics and spiritual places they define us to us. The truth is it is only when we do collaborate that we gain any access into the arena. We are forced to work with you. I have never had unlimited opportunities to collaborate with a room of women on any meaningful impacting way. This is a problem for me as a woman, I want that opportunity. Go to any gym, bar, you will find crowds of men, women need safe spaces for spiritual renewal.Rather, we must first have the approval of most men, be beautiful and soft spoken, and then attach ourselves to the man in the room who holds the clip board. This is Liberal Feminism.Liberal Feminism is having your nipple pinched and feeling loved. Shades of Grey…which end’s up being a lie the whole way through. The heightened interest in porn and extreme visual and dangerous displays of sex are not typically female, but they are typically trans identified male behaviours ie. Hailey Heartless.The male and female species see things differently, I look at the statistics on males, the violence, rape and torture of women and I see the BDSM trend of the past 15 years reflecting that. Liberal feminism that supports porn may be a result of women wanting some of what a man has, voyeurism, to be seen and applauded for their beauty, their daring…finally getting some attention in online sex chat rooms. Sad, this isn’t freedom, this is playing a part in a male fantasy roll. It seems empowering, but it’s just an easy way to get attention, it’s sad. Over sexualizing can be power tripping. Which takes us back to the trans who gets constant validation for their bravery in promoting female stereotypes, porn, violence (BDSM) and violence against women in the real sense (kill TERFS) prostitution etc. All the bad stuff that women know in their hearts is unprogressive but Liberal feminists disagree, they think we are not progressive. Doublespeak.In a man’s head these things may seem progressive, because it may be part of the male fantasy of woman hood. I read 1 in 4 guys dream of being pregnant at some time in their lives. Men may imagine what it is like to be a woman, but cannot know due to biology. There are as many genetic differences between a man and a woman as to a man and a chimpanzee; and for the record the XX chromosomes are the same throughout the entire body of a woman as the XY are in every cell of a man and a man cannot change that, a man can never become a woman. Men and women cannot imagine how the other sees the world. It is indeed very different I have discovered, women are afraid to say how differently, they are existing in a world told to them through the eyes of men. I bring up Hollywood movies and from a woman’s point of view, because there are very, very few scripts that reflect our views.This is a loss, because without validating the lives of real lived women, we continue to mess up our own realities trying to fit into the views men have of us, not out own realities. And men keep getting it wrong, leading the sexual experience down a road of fetish and extremes where no-one cums or they are just too afraid to talk to women, because they have no idea how they think.I have 3 little kids, it was hard to get them to the march that morning, it’s not as hard for a man to get up in the morning and participate in politics, even if he has to curl his hair and put on false eyelashes..I didn’t see any trans identified males marching in support of women (only that dick head in the news); so why are the lady politicians making such a fuss to include the trans identified males? They weren’t going to show up anyway, they were probably in bed, hung over, out cubbin and watching porn the night before. I saw a few dads though. which I loved.Very few people understand these basic truths, which is amazing to me, because it’s really simple truth, but no-one talks about it. Why is that? Full circle, the perceptions of men’s realities are published over the perceptions of women’s realities. This is most evident in TIM (Trans identifying Male) I will not use the term trans-woman. That is the epitome of the problem with this society. Men can never be women and to say they identify is not true, that they could ever understand what it is to be a woman, is male ego, male perceptions. If a man and a woman are the same then what are these non binary humans transitioning to? And this is where we go down the Rabbit hole, the circular argument.Mansplain woman for me Morgane Oger.  Does it exempt the vulva, vagina, breasts and uterus, smaller bone mass and muscle mass and a smaller brain with more folds.  I say your feeling are centered around men in the struggle for women’s reproductive (sex), political and economic issues. we all feel sorry for suicidal men who maim their bodies trying to be something they never can, it’s all very dramatic and attentions seeking, telling us women not to use words that promote our own agenda because there might be a man in the room… Promoting the actions of these men who are delusional about their unchanging XY reality. Supporting trans identified males as true women, is also why 3-year-old babies are now being transitioned, as a mother (can I use the word mother, do you know what it means? You probably had one) I am disgusted. The rate of trans has increased 20x. for children. Children don’t need to be subjected to double think before they can even understand the vulva, vagina, clit, breasts and uterus, smaller bone mass and muscle mass. (Things that can only be changed with dangerous surgery (s)) These words (female words) are not being used enough as it is in education and now, but doubly so now, because these things as transphobic and trans and their handmaidens want them outlawed. Political women’s spaces, schools, sports and gender clinics, in the name of freedom for mostly white (colonial?) mentally ill men, are denying the biological realities of women, you are hurting women and confusing children by centering men. Stop silencing women please. I do not identify anymore as a liberal feminist, and I really fucking tried to be a liberal feminist, but the truth, of coddling men in drag, is that it only serves their purpose and diminishes mine.I don’t need porn, or BDSM or pain to experience an orgasm, I have 3 times the sensors in my clit than a man has in his penis. My clit is an organ that grows deep inside my abdomen, lining the walls of my vagina. I can cum on a thought. No man knows what this would feel like..ever.I have much greater sexual power than any man ever could. A trans fuck hole is not a vagina, the sensitivity of our physical and emotional connection to sex is paramount for love making. I don’t know if that is true of a man, I know it is true of some men. I know that a man promoting BDSM at the Vancouver women’s march last Saturday was not a reflection of the female perception. Prostitution is not a valid occupation. A trans identified male dominatrix called Haley Heartless was there to promote sex work, THIS IS THE TRUE HATE SPEECH THAT HARMS WOMEN,  not misgendering….sex work is not a valid category of listed occupations for women, and should not be promoted to women. Sex work is not real work because women have no other choice. “my daughter is a sex worker.” is not something I would support. No one should. It kills women, it is separation of the mind from the body. There are drugs involved, and aids and abuse and death. Women have been fighting to help keep women from the destructive destination of prostitution for centuries, but now it is being touted as valid work, liberal freedom because now the sexual fetishes of men are the leading the conversation on women. All the work we could be doing for women is being hijacked by a very small population of mostly white males. Not my Canada. Trans women are trans women which are trans identified males..truth is not hate speech.Lara