We rude if he or she does not excuse

We are all human beings, some point we feel we do not haveto go to work, even though, and at the end of the month, we need a salary fromour employers.

However, we give out some outlandish excuses to our bosses. Thebest reason for missing work should be the truth but for some reasons youcannot use it. That is why it is necessary use something that sounds real toyour manager just to get a day or two off you workplace.

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The following is a list of the best excuses you would usefor missing work:Doctor’s appointment: The aforementioned is apparently theperfect excuse you can give to for missing work. This excuse is best if youmake it the appointment the prime thing in the morning or even later in the dayfor instance around 2 p.m.

The excuse will get you absent for work for ahalf-day or so. This will help you recharge especially if you program theappointment on a Friday afternoon. Illness: Your employer may be very rude if he or she doesnot excuse you for missing out because you are ill. This will apparently workbest if some of the symptoms like coughing are evident. Being laid in ahospital bed is also a good reason and will let you miss work for some days.  Traffic jam: This is also a good reason tomiss work or get to work late.

However, this will work best if you do not usethe aforementioned reason so many times, well, it might get you terminated ifyou keep on using it.Car troubles: Well, caris out of fuel or even a tire burst, who would not believe that? Not unlessyour employer does not have a car or does not even know how to drive. Thismakes it a very good reason for getting to work late.Appointments: Let us sayyou have an appointment with your lawyer or even an accountant. Isn’t that agood reason to miss work? In addition, who shouldn’t understand that? Well, maybe a crude boss. This makes it a nice excuse because you can use as many timesas you want.

No conveyance: You arereceiving a small salary that cannot buy you a car. You go to the bus station andyou miss it or it turns out to be late. That is what we call a perfect reason for missing work. However, youhave to be careful not to use it many times.Root canal: This is definitely a badidea. You have a root cavity or a fractured tooth and you have to visit adentist. That is a nice excuse; the only problem is that it cannot be faked. Family emergency: It is not the businessof your boss to know your family matters, not unless he or she is a closefriend.

This is a perfect reason for missing out work; but again this excuseshould not be overused, not unless you have evidence of the emergency forexample so may calls. Nevertheless, smart people can fake that, meaning youhave to be careful when using this excuse.Child’s doctor appointment: Your child isbelow ten years. Does he even know the way to the hospital? Who says that isnot a perfect reason to miss work? May be your boss who does have a family orwho has never been a child in his or her lifetime. Let us not be rude, it isonly missing work, we are just trying to get a perfect reason.A school visit: This excuse will onlywork best if your boss knows that you have school-going children. However,school visits cannot be every now and then, thus, overusing this idea is not awise thing to do.

If you use it once in a month, it will work best.Babysitting: Let us say you are a mum,your child is below three years, you do not have house help, and your husbandis working. That is a nice excuse. Am sure your boss will not even ask you morequestions after you say that. As long as you have a baby, you can use thisexcuse as many times as you want. You just have to pray your little baby doesnot grow old fast.Migraine: Who has never had a headache? Not even your boss.

It is ofcourse a bad idea but all you have to do is to go to your boss and say, “I havea migraine attack”. The later will not even ask you to describe how you feel;you will spend the rest of the day at home. Now that is a good idea.Medicalprocedures: No one wants to get sick; you need to stay healthy in your lifetimeeven though that is probably not possible.

That is why you come out with thisidea on a Friday afternoon just to make your weekend long enough. The problemscome out on Monday when you fall sick and you have to tell your boss. I guess”I thought you went for a medical procedure on Friday…?” would be the queryto answer.Preparationfor exam:  Here is nice idea, you want tobe promoted in the company you are working, or your salary increased and thatis why you are doing a master’s course online.

You have exams on Thursday andFriday. That makes your weekend last for four good days. Not unless your bossis jealous of you getting a salary increase. It is a nice idea but again youhave to be very careful when using it. Delivery ofa Family Member: It does not matter if this idea is a true or false one. Theboss in this case should not know any of your family members or you friendsbecause he or she might consider asking them.

Nevertheless, am sure, if youpresent this idea well to your boss, you have a day off with you.Familymember illness: This is apparently a bad idea because no one wants his or herfamily members ill. This also works best if your boss does not know any of yourfamily members. Using your dad, mum, sister, brother or close family memberswill earn you a day or two off. Your boss will understand that everyone wantsto be close to his or her family members anyway.Family member’saccident: Your husband has had this fatal accident and is in the Intensive CareUnit.

If I were you, I would not use this idea. In addition, no one wants toknow why. Nevertheless, it is necessary to use it if you desperately need a dayor two off.Death infamily: One thing when using this idea, you do not have to kill someone just touse it. That is inhuman. Then if it is real, it is fine.

You can even have aweek off.  Moreover, if you are faking it(God forbid), just pray hard it does not happen to the person you are faking itwith.Badweather:  If you go to work on a Fridayand there is a heavy snowstorm in your area, then you are actually riskinggetting stuck up in the city overnight. Your manager will obviously understandthat because am sure he also misses when he is in such kind of a situation.That is a nice idea.Theft: Thievesinvade your home at night and steal your car, your credit cards and so manyother things you cannot survive without.

We are saying to the manager but it isnot actually real, we are just trying to get a day off. This is quite a niceidea. However, if your manager knows your home, you have to pray hard that hedoes pass by to check on you and say sorry. You have to be wise while usingthis idea.Fire: Thisis probably not a nice idea no one wants his or her house burnt to ashes. Again,fire cases are often brought out through the media. Your manager might considerasking you why there was not such a case on TV. Then you might say it was onlyin the kitchen.

In case it is a serious case, you might be given a week offyour duties at work.ImportantPurchase: Let’s talk about your car tires and you probably need to replacethem. It does not matter if it is true or false. This is a good idea. It doesnot have be car tires only. You can think of other meaningful purchase thatwill earn you an excuse of not attending work.Leaky pipes:You cannot go to work only to come to a flooded house in the evening. Not evenyour boss himself would do so.

This brings up a nice idea. FurnaceRepair: its winter and your cannot survive with the furnace not working. We arejust saying it but it is not actually true. It just a day off that you arelooking. This is a unique idea that is not that easy to hear someone using.Birthday:You do not have to fear using this idea if it is actually true. You willdefinitely get a day off.

However, it would not be wise to lie about yourbirthday.A make-upclass: Your manager understands you are undertaking this part-time course. However,you come up with this idea that you have a make-up class on Friday afternoon. Yourboss will of course understand that. It is not a bad idea after all.Gotarrested: This is a pretty nice idea. This excuse is however applicable aftermissing work. Bad thing is , you probably have to tell your boss more about it.

Carinsurance expired: Your insurance expired and you have to renew it. You cannotgo to work before renewing the latter. You give this excuse to your boss and hesurely will understand, not if he does not have a car.Cramps:Ladies are favorites when coming out with this sought of idea, of course notmen. In case, the boss is of the opposite gender, that’s a nice excuse. If yourboss is a woman, I guess you will have to mitigate her.X-Ray: Letus imagine you have this itching pain on your knee. You give out an excuse toyour manager that you need to go for an x-ray.

He or she will probably give youan afternoon off. This will of course work if you are friendly to your manager.Wife on labor:So how about this thing of your wife getting into labor before the anticipatedtime and as a loving and concerned husband you ought to be with her at thisvery moment. So it’s obvious that a good boss will give in to such an excuse.Otherreasons that one can give include:Religious obligations or community-related work:  This includes volunteering at anevent offered by a local non-profit community organization especially if your companyemboldens volunteerism.Productivity-related requests:  Includes taking your work to anearby coffee shop or library to focus, or leaving early, when work iscomplete, after staying in the office very late the night before.

Business networking activities: This includes participating inlocal chamber of commerce meetings, or your employer particularly if networkingwith potential business partners’ values attending industry events orconventions.Client-related obligations: This includes traveling to aclient duty that will take place early the next day, or going on an outing withan important client.Professional development pursuits: This includes attending a plantor leaving earlier for a class or to work on a group project for a course,which your manager has emboldened you to take.Employment-related activities: This includes a job interview if you have beenmade aware of a future respite at your current workplace.