We not truly treasure them just as how they

We all make mistakes. We know that. Right from we were kids
until we grow up, we keep on making mistakes. But at the very least, we are
keeping our best not to do it again. It is the only thing that most of us deal
with everyday. Maybe the reason why we commit a mistake is because sometimes we
are not mindful of our actions.

            In my
freshman year, I entered Manila Science High School then I became a part of
section Descartes. From that section, I met Francis and Hannah who were my
first friends in MaSci. They both spend their time with me doing assignments
and projects. We enjoyed the company of each others. In every subject, I
remembered that the three of us were always sitting beside one another. Just
when there was a buddy activity on each subject, I was left out. So I found my
new set of friends whom I am very close to. What mistake did I do? I left my
first friends because they left me when there is an activity in class. That is
one thing I am really guilty of. I did not truly treasure them just as how they
treasured me on the first place. We became strangers afterwards and we only do
not say hello to each other whenever we pass by. Sadly, I did not even hear
them say the word ‘goodbye’ to me. That saddened me for many years. To leave
them is behind my intentions; I was so immature during my first year in MaSci.
So selfish. Now, I figured out that friends are not like trashes that you can
just throw away out of your life. They are more than that.

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consecutive years after my seventh grade were so tiring. My body and soul was
exhausted because of academics, social-life, school environment, family, and
more. It’s like I want to die at an early age. I became depressed because of
school. Thank God I was so lucky that I gained many friends who are giving me
unsolicited advices. Also, I have my parents who pushed me to not give up right
away. Many sleepless nights, crammed school activities, horror grades,
narrow-minded people, overthinking thoughts, toxic friends, made my life a
nightmare for a moment. Every time I go to bed, my anxiety attacks me and I
cannot calm myself. I wanted to cry amidst the school hours. Letting myself
alone in the corner was my hobby. I know deep inside that I am wasting my time
doing things that creeps me out. Though I still spend some of my time with my
friends but I feel like I just forced myself to socialize. I was part of star
section in our batch. All of my teachers were pressuring us to have high scores
and excel as much as possible. It is so depressing because the effort I give
just to memorize thousands of information in one day and finishing hundreds of
school works for the whole week was still not enough. This feeling of being not
enough added up to my problems. My fear in public speaking hardened up too. Some
of my teachers did not like me and it hurt so much since for the reason that I
am that person who is just staring at the teacher and not having the guts to
recite. Because when I recited, my answer might be wrong or those intelligent
dudes in our class might have judged me. Really, I literally want to vanish. And
yes! I vanished from star section.

            My heart
stopped beating. I thought that it was the end of the world for me. I thought
that my mom would be really frustrated towards me because I got an 85 in
English and Computer Science but she still accepted me. I cried my heart out.
She told me, “It is okay sweetie not to be belong in the star section, as long
as you proved that you did your best and you fought so hard just to maintain
your grades for two years. Well, maybe next school year will be a year meant
for you to apply what you’ve learned from your mistakes when you are still in
the cream of the crop.”

            It felt so
good like the morning I woke up, I was in section Copernicus. I am the only one
who came from the star section. I realized that maybe it is the time that I
need to wear my best clothes and start fulfilling my dreams. There, I learned a
lot. I learned that I should open myself to other people and enjoy being with
them. When stress conquers me, I learned how to defeat it by drawing a huge
smile on my face and just keep on going. My grades in Mathematics are sometimes
84 or 86. It does not matter. I still did my best to study smart. And at last!
I gained an Academic Excellence Award for three quarters in my Grade 10.

            Now, I am a
strong, powerful, and optimistic individual. Let people judge us by the
mistakes we commit. Let people tell us that we are stupid for we have made tons
of mistakes all over again. Let those people believe in the end that mistakes are
bridges that lead us to the right track. It may seem hard to cross bridges, but
I think it is a challenge we need to face. No matter what happens after we
committed a mistake, if we try to make it right, it is worthy. If we learn from
it, we will succeed. There is a huge guarantee that everything will be alright
if we try to apply what we’ve learned from the mistakes in our past.

There is a reason why we make

And that is because we are humans who
constantly realize and figure things up before living a life of satisfaction.
Then, there you got a shot in a silver lining.