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we have created a product that is themost deliberate evolution of ouroriginal founding design and aluminiumbody on form sheet of glass describe asingular shape one many with very fewvery precisely engineered part thealuminium body to embedding the antennaewithin the enclosure essentially makingyou disappear aegis ‘no cereals andproducing a pristine mirror like surfaceenclosure then goes through an anodizedation process which creates a protectiveoxide layer a single component dye isabsorbed through a capillary effect toensure maximum saturation while actuallybecoming park when complete iphone7 usethe mostsingular and most evolved representationof this designMusicMusicMusicMusicMusicApplauseMusicwe live our lives through our phonesthere now our screens of choice to enjoyeverything from TV shows to mind-blowinggames but smartphones still look thesame they did a decade ago buttonspecials and frames that all get in ourwayuntil now unbox your phone SamsungGalaxy s8 the new infinity display givesyou an incredible full screen experienceyet fits comfortably in your hand wecreated it by reorganizing the phone’sinterior making components smallerwithout sacrificing performance andembedding the home button under thescreen we created the beautifully curvededge display and also erase the vests togive you more space for the things thatmatter creating a level of immersion yousee and feel even games and movies arecompletely different with the Infinitydisplays cinematics full screenexperience and a bigger screen gives youthe room to multitask seamlesslythe Galaxy s8 also presents a whole newway to interact with your phone likebixby experience after the screen effectof the Jade Bixby gets smarter and moreintuitive than every use and if you findsomething you like Bixby analyzes andprovides information without having totype a single wordXP evolves as it learns your routine soyou’ll have the right content just whenyou needMusicvixie also gives you information on whatyou’re looking at and will recommendplaces to gowe constantly push ourselves to give youtechnology that makes your life easierthe ability to unlock your phone onefinger or even with your face and secureyour most important files with your eyesSamsung Dex provides you a PC likeexperience right from your phone thecamera is even better it always focuseson your face so you get perfect selfiesevery timeit also takes sharp beautiful picturesin low life and now even easier to zoomin and of course the Galaxy s8 is stillwater resistant so water doesn’t get inthe way of your daythe new Galaxy s8 connects you to a newworld of experience the new year VR hasa motion-sensing wireless controllerthat makes navigating your virtualworlds simpler and more intuitiveand paired with the new gear 360 theGalaxy s8 lets you live broadcast in 360so you can share your most memorablemoments in real timethe Galaxy s8 will take you beyond thelimits of any phone you’ve ever knownbefore unbox your phone Samsung Galaxys8 and si+