Violence July 15, a massive failed coup attempt and

Violence In Turkey Blake Reynolds 8.2    “For so long a beacon of stability between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has entered a period of high tensions.” Over this year and there have been hundreds killed, thousands arrested and Turkey traumatized. July 15, a massive failed coup attempt and attempted assassination of president Erdogan. There’re reasons for the major events but the backbone for the people to retaliate with was President Erdogan and his former chief ally, Fethullah Gulen.     Fethullah Gulen has been in self-imposed exile since 1999 in the U.

S. and is most recognized as to starting the bloody coup attempt. Gulen was a strong leader of a religious movement called the “Hizmet”, which controlled foundations, media groups, schools, and some associations. Erdogan being one of Gulens strong allies, during the Justice and Development Party (AKP), which wanted to end military influences in Turkey’s politics in the late 2000’s. Due to AKP, Gulen had the power to make direct staffing of public positions which led to bureaucrats being removed from their job unlawfully and being replaced by “Gulenists” or, people under Gulens power.     December 13, a corruption investigation against the business people and bureaucrats who were close to the AKP were arrested by Gulenists police officers.

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This started an all out war between the government and the Hizmet movement. To sum up on why the coup attempt happened was, Gulenists were afraid that the government investigation into their illegal actions would land them in prison and bring the entire Gulen movement to an end. Gulen, still denies any part in the failed coup attempt but insists Erdogan was building himself a dictatorship. Following after the coup attempt went via social media, thousands of people armed themselves with any kind of weapon even kitchen utensils and gathered in the streets around Anatolia to strike over the coup. It was bloodshed, people were resisting tank fire and air bombardments along with soldiers and officers fighting the retaliation of civilians. The government conquered with victory and the rest who were left were arrested on the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. The government planned to put thousands on suspects under arrest on any charges linked to Gulen.

All the military officers, police officers and pilots who were in the coup against the government now or being charged as terrorist and are all laid off from there jobs. Since today a big 100,000 people have been suspended or charged and 50,000 arrested for any ties to the coup attempt. It is also a cant do for US officials to release Gulen from prison back to Turkey. These recent events are tragic and terrible but in time they come to settle down but for now, everything is timid for Turkey.     CitationsJazeera, Al. “Turkey’s Failed Coup Attempt: All You Need to Know.

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