University a remote village where there were no basic

Universityof Maryland, College Park is a flagship university and is consistently rankedas a top-tier university for graduate studies.

Also, James Clark School of Engineeringoffers one of the best engineering programs in the United States. Any institution which is having supportfrom the government for research initiatives will excel in academics. UMD hasmany research partnerships with government agencies due to its vicinity toWashington, D.C making it a most-research intensive university. I feel that construction is the field which requires a lot of patience,perseverance and management skills to be successful. My strategy for a graduatestudy will, therefore, be a prolonged one where I shall be consolidating myknowledge in a more specialized way and acquire the skills required to develop and refine scientific ideasand hypotheses. I personallylike the university for its Sustainable and Clean energy initiatives such asits plan to be carbon neutral by 2050 and campus-wide efforts to compost dininghall waste.

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Iwas born in an upper-middle-class family in a remote village where there wereno basic amenities like roads and drains, water supply and electricity. After afew years, my grandparents had some issues with my father and they asked us toleave the house empty-handed. All of asudden our lives changed. We then lived in a house of mud.

The thatched roofcouldn’t stop the water trickling in during the rains. Even thoughmy parents discontinued their education at a very early age, they don’t want meand my brother to be deprived of education. However bad the financial conditionis they had never let that impact fall on our education. I knew the hard workand struggles they had gone through just to earn a livelihood and to pay ourtuition fee. They used to work all day long, I could hardly see them in thehouse. I couldn’t rely on the electricity which is inconsistent so after comingfrom school I managed to complete my study tasks during the daytime when thereis light.

On Sundays, I used to accompany my parents to the agriculture fieldand assisted them in their work. We never went for grandeur in anything duringmy childhood. Those savings helped us to attain a settled life after manyyears. Coming from this background I had worked very hard to achieve academicexcellence and this hard work led me into an institute of national importanceNIT, Durgapur which had one of the lowest acceptance rates for engineeringinstitutes in India, of around 2 to 3 percent. What I’ve learned from my parentsis that perseverance to achieve, effectively manage available resources,determination, and courage during times of turmoil and being adaptable tochanges.

  Those adverse conditions mademe what I am today and encouraged me to do my undergraduate in a diverseinstitute like NIT Durgapur where students from different nationalities comeand to do an internship at an isolated camp under torrid heat. I stronglybelieve that my life experiences would definitely contribute to the diversityof your institute.My interest in the field of construction started atthe age of 10. During the summer holidays of my 4th standard, I wentto visit a nearby town with my uncle who is an engineering contractor workingfor the same.

The beautiful buildings, wide roads, and the infrastructure hadheld me spellbound because that was the first time I had seen such goodinfrastructure, as I come from a remote village. As years passed by, I hadvisited many such sites with my uncle and I came to realize that my career pathwould surely be around the field of development and construction of buildings. India is a developing nation and has manyinfrastructure challenges with limited funding resources. It is my firm beliefthat if the principles of Project management are extended in the constructionindustry, it would result in an overall profitable, safer, economical,qualitative and speedy construction.

Keeping in mind the complexities involvedin achieving this I am constantly seeking out opportunities to learn how tocontribute to this long-term goal of mine. This is one of the main reasons why Iwas interested in Project management. I want to see myself as a remarkablecontributor in the construction field, which would be for the betterment ofsociety. I would rather say that I’m inclined to do my masters in ProjectManagement program. I extremely value both quantitative and qualitative approachesin the field of project management.

By the end of my graduate program I expectmyself to understand the totalproject process including; concept, design, procurement, planning, and deliveryof the functioning project. The Project Manager’s professional responsibilityas a leader and member of a multi-disciplinary team, working in diverse-environments,assessing risks, and showing definitive progress, all while maintainingpriorities in safety, sustainability, purpose, business and societal issues. Moreimportantly, I would like to be a specialist in construction productivityimprovement and infrastructure asset management which would help in solving theproblem of limited funds for developing economies.                                                                         Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technologyin Civil engineering at National Institute of Technology Durgapur. During myBachelor’s I have had a comprehensive exposure to core areas of civilengineering such as surveying, building material and construction technology,structural analysis, estimation etc. I stand in the top 15% of my classstudents considering aggregate percentage until the sixth semester. I have alsogained hands-on experience in casting cubes, cylinders, prisms and testingtheir compressive strengths. We have also done quality and properties test onBitumen like ductility test, penetration test, softening point and specificgravity test for pavement construction.

As my area of interest is project management, theResidential Township project I did in my final year was accompanied by thedetails including Estimating, Scheduling involving PERT, CPM etc. The secondone is a team project which is about the investigation of fiber reinforced mudbrick as a building material. Home brick-makers have long been using fibrousingredients like straw to improve the tensile strength of mud bricks. We aremaking fiber reinforced mud bricks out of clay, lime, cement, and gypsum usingstraw, plastic fiber, and polystyrene fabric as fibrous ingredients, each at atime.

These fibrous ingredients would be placed at one-third & two –third heightsof a brick specimen using special geometrical shapes sieves which wouldoptimize the use of fibers. Our aim is to find out the effects of geometricshapes on the compressive strengths of different groups of bricks. I have worked as a site engineer  during my summer internship(9thmay 2017 to 15th July 2017) from Gayatri Projects Ltd company in India’s largest and first of its kind project in the railway sector; theDedicated Freight Corridor project which will enable Indian Railways to improveits customer orientation and meet market needs more effectively. At presentearthwork for filling the embankment is in progress.

During my first two weeks,I was involved in surveying and estimation. I have given center lines to theRight of Way using the Total station and also calculated reduced levelstransverse to the way using Dumpy level. By knowing the width at the top, height,and slope of the embankment and using reduced levels we have successfullycalculated and estimated the amount of soil that would be required for fillingthe embankment as it varies along the way. During the next two weeks, I wasinto soil investigation. We have calculated Maximum Dry Density (MDD) andOptimum Moisture Content at Quality control laboratory from Proctor Compactiontest. After laying each layer of soil (250mm thick) I have conducted Field DryDensity (FDD) test at multiple points using sand replacement method and I havecalculated the compaction percentage by dividing FDD by MDD. After performingtechnical operations as a site engineer effectively for 1 month I was given achance to supervise a section of the project along a team under the guidance ofa project manager which has helped me to experience the practical issues ofproject financing, navigating the labors and interact with vendors on a regularbasis to track ordering and delivery of equipment.

This also gave me anopportunity to review contract documents and to supervise the workers to ensuresafety on the field. I had exhibited excellence in updating work progress,schedule and reports on files and maintained an organized work environmentunder my section. I believe that working as a site supervisor brought out someof my best professional qualities, such as my ability to learn quickly, to dealwith different types of people and to pay attention to details. This internshiphad further stimulated my interest in Project management.

Studying at masterlevel for a course in project management at your university that offers askill-set would enhance my current academic level with advanced and newerknowledge, skills and professional discourses.