Universal but that is false, because the vast majority

Universal values have the characteristic of integrating ideas at a social level, beyond individual criteria, cultural traditions, regional laws, etc.

The term universal means that those values will ideally be valid anywhere in the world.What are universal values?Are those values of general application, which are usually accepted by the vast majority of the world’s population, consequently there is agreement on certain behaviors that are considered correct and necessary to live in a more just and orderly world.The universal values:In a wide variety of human values, from there you can extract universal values, for example:1. Freedom:It is that wonderful gift where each person has the right to choose their own destiny and it is unacceptable that other people limit the freedom of others. Of course, freedom is also framed in respect for the lives of others and the laws. Violation of the right to freedom with slavery that surprisingly still exists.

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There are people who consider that there is no freedom for economic systems or for those who exercise power, but that is false, because the vast majority of people are not held back by the actions of others, but because of their own blockages. In the book principles of absolute freedom you will have a series of very different knowledge about how the world works and everything you can achieve if you undo your internal barriers, here you will know the techniquesand tips that will take you to total freedom. The secrets of the power of your mind will be revealed to you so that you can master your reality and fulfill all your purposes.2. Honesty:It is that great value of not taking what is foreign, in other words not stealing. In practically all the legislations of the world the theft of possessions to other people is punishable.

An overwhelming majority of people who steal do so because they do not want to strive to get money honestly, they want everything easy and it is clear that when you steal it is difficult to have a clear conscience. Also, every time you use the energy and resources of other people and you are not paying for them, in the end that will give you an invoice. In many areas of the world the universal value of honesty has declined a lot, corruption prevails and then people ask themselves why these areas have no development? With that kind of behavior, it’s very difficult. The countries where there is greater honesty, have better rates of development, because people believe in their abilities and abundance.

3. Love:When the value of love prevails, everything has to work very well, disagreements are overcome, forces are united and the common good is sought. It is not easy to experience a deep love for all humanity, because it takes a lot of wisdom and a broad fighting spirit to reach your ideals.4. The responsibility:Each person must be responsible for their actions and avoid to the maximum affect the lives of others. Many of the social problems that are observed are due to irresponsibility, a large number of people fail to fulfill certain vital roles and thereby generate create some imbalance in the system.

Act always with responsibility, you will feel atpeace, you will fulfill your objectives and you will have much to give to the world. If you want to acquire an exemplary responsibility that leads to the greatest successes, you can use the fantastic programthe power of the will, which consists of subliminal audios with a series of wonderful messages that are recorded in your mind and then you acquire the ideal behavior to fulfill great purposes. After using these audios you will feel full of an overflowing positive energy to fulfill your obligations, your perseverance will be admirable, you will be able to take on great challenges and come out successful, you will demonstrate a formidable temperance to overcome adversity.5. Peace:Every day must be fought for peace, to achieve it, many requirements are needed: great leaders who are examples of life, the promotion of human and universal values with intensity, to find the mechanisms so that people can develop their capacities, avoid abuses and excesses, respect the laws, etc.

6. Solidarity:It is that universal value that drives you to support various social causes and find ways to help other people have a better quality of life. You should not be indifferent to the pain of others and an excellent way to help is to promote personal development education so that people understand that they are capable of achieving any purpose in life.Uv