Understanding are various emotional triggers that marketers have been

Understanding buying triggers A trigger is an incidence that causes a buyer to have a clear need, which converts into a sense of purpose and urgency in their buying process (Skok. D, 2017). These triggers are different for different customer segment and are linked with to the solution the company offers. For example, failure in the health and safety compliance could be a trigger for an organization to look for a training company. Similarly, a news about an organization being penalized due to a death caused by legionella, could be a trigger for the other.

Any awareness building or product education exercise without the knowledge of right triggers would not help business win customers.  Once these triggers have been identified, all marketing content can be streamlined according to these triggers and overselling can be avoided where these triggers are absent (Barnes.H, 2017). Therefore, understanding buying triggers can help a passive buyer become active buyers.While designing the content, it is worth considering these buying triggers that stimulates the buying decision of the customers. A consumer’s buying decision is impacted by rational as well as emotional motives (Hellenkemper. M, 2017). However, whether the decision is emotional or rational completely depends on the individual taking the decision, product and the situation.

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There are various emotional triggers that marketers have been using in creating marketing messages such as fear, trust, belonging, guilt, value, competition, instant gratification etc. to name few. While crafting these messages it important to keep 2 things in mind: – It should make the target audience feel something – It should make them act on those feelings (Gunelius.S, 2017)It is argued, that in case of emotional decision, need may not be necessarily be present but can be created by the influencers. Rational purchases on the contrary are objective driven such as profit, security, compliance, caution, health etc.

and so on. Businesses are known to take rational decisions; therefore, the way an organization would approach them, with their marketing message would be very different. These decisions involve researching and comparisons of different offering available and may involve multiple stakeholders.  However, this cannot be generalized as individuals also makes rational decisions. Therefore, based on the insight gathered from buyer’s persona, organization can use these emotional or rational triggers to create higher engagement with its customer segments.