Tyler- when I first saw You. I gasped like

Tyler- Berri Fray08 January 2018Juliet’s love for Romeo As I  hold you in my arms watching you lay their dead, as I feel your body shift from warm to cold, a tear slowly runsran down my cheeck, falling on your palm. I pressed the blade down onto my skin cutting deep into my heart releasing the pain of my love for you. I closed my eyes remembering all the special moments we had how we talked about starting a family together and how the first night we met was a strong energy of electricity. When it all began. It was the night of the ball when I first saw You. I gasped like I was running out of air.

I captured Your deep blue eyes staring into my soul. You, he  started to slowly approach me. YouHe softly grabbed my hand and whispered to me, “Mmay I have the honor to dance with you?”. We danced all night long like there was no one else in the world but us.  Wwe floated around the pearl dance floor. We made ourare way into the hallway to talk. I gently removed your mask and was shocked by surprise not from your amazing smile and blue eyes but by the fact that you werewhere a montague.

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Before I said  anything else you had to go and as soon as I knew it you were gone. That night I cried out to you, I cried out for your love to just feel your soft skin that caressed my hand that night. I shouted for you, “mMy love,  rRomeo, Rromeo, wherefore art thou Rromeo. dDeny thy father and refuse thy name for I will no longer be a Ccapulet. Oh Rromeo, if i could turn back in time to relive that moment . Where gone we are both gone and there’s no turning back.

Romeo,  to my dear beloved as I wish to tell you this in person as held you that night, the night you left me the night you were gone for good i knew in my heart I could not survive without you. So that night I held you tight and cried and cried i knew at that time my soul was no longer living as took you bald and pressed into my heart into my heart so deep that there was nothing left to breath I held your hand tight and laid there as our souls drifted away together and we lived happily ever after not as humans but as spirits and ourare dream came true. Ourare dream to be together forever and ourare love lasted in life and in death and i couldn’t ask for anything else besides having you stand by my side thru sickness and health. and tThat’s the story of  not romeo and juliet but of juliet and romeo.