Tuesday Consider the specifics of where your teams will

Tuesday Tips: Moving Your Digital Media Company

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tuesday Tips!

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This week, let’s take a quick look at commercial moving for
digital media companies in New York City. The city’s TAMI (technology,
advertising, media and information) sector has been growing rapidly in recent
years and will likely continue to thrive in the future. Its explosive growth
has produced a lot of digital media startups that have grown quickly and
require new space, but lack the experience relocating to new office spaces in
New York City. These commercial moving tips can make relocating your digital
media company much simpler and smoother!

Take surrounding
digital infrastructure into account. When preparing for a commercial moving
project in New York City, be sure to take into account access for digital infrastructure.
Digital media firms, by their very nature, require essentials such as Wi-Fi,
high-speed Internet and the like. Make sure you choose a location with easy and
affordable access to all of these!

your office climate. Moving into a new office is your chance to truly redefine
your digital media company. Do you want a casual, startup-type environment? Or
perhaps something more staid and professional, especially if your company is
larger and more established? Choosing the right “feel” to your office can have
an important impact on your business, especially when it comes to attracting
new talent and clients to your firm.

Plan your
office layout carefully. Planning your new office layout correctly is
critical when office moving in New York City. Consider the specifics of where
your teams will be seated, what type of floorplan to choose and the like. Choosing
an open floorplan, for examples, signifies more openness and accessibility,
which are both vital to many digital media companies and promotes cross-collaboration
between teams. Having a more segregated office environment, on the other hand,
may have more drawbacks but can also increase employees’ privacy and focus in

vital data before moving. Before moving your office, be sure to always
backup your critical data on a cloud network such as Google Drive. You simply
can’t afford to take any chances!

tag and pack your digital equipment. When packing, be sure to take extra
care to label everything properly, roll up cords tightly and use additional
packing materials if needed for sensitive IT equipment. Doing so will help make
it easier to get your company up and running quickly without any hiccups after
the move is complete.

Update your
online presence before moving. Finally, about two weeks before your
commercial moving project gets underway, be sure to update your website, blog
and social media accounts to reflect your new location and contact information.
Failing to do so could cause confusion among your customers and clients!