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Top 7 Android Games of 2018: Welcome back to The Bravia, With the increasing demand of games in the world we have brought some of the cool games for Android that will make 2018 very much awesome for the gamers. Look at our best picks and let us know in the comments down below. So without further delay let’s get into it.Top 7 Android Games of 20181.    Maze Bandit  Build, defend and plunder! Create your own cell maze, dungeon labyrinth using many deadly traps and gadgets. Go against many bandits by mastering their mazes and taking their princesses. Loot enemies treasure use them to upgrade your castle and manufacture the best dungeon in the realm.  2.    Armored KittenArmored Kitten is the best game for shooting game lovers as the name suggests that it is a combat game. Use various weapons filled with slug and power-ups to eliminate all your enemies such as zombies, mutants and other living dead coming from hell. Get ready to blow up all the enemies with your combat armor and shotgun.     3. Virtua Tennis ChallengeTake on Virtua Tennis Challenge, the most profound tennis diversion on a portable device with unrivaled 3D designs, tactical controls, and amazing gameplay. Cut, lob and hit your best turn as you go up against the world’s ideal and the best players and go up against 50 players in 18 stadiums around the world. Enjoy hours of gameplay through different modes, shots, and courts. Build focus by making plays that match your player’s style.4. Drop Wizard TowerThe Shadow Order have caught every one of the Wizards in the land and they have the antiquated egg as well. What is a lone Wizard to do? Break free, crush the evil shadow request and find that egg obviously … Hmmm, I wonder what’s inside? Bring back the delight of arcades and join Teo and his wizard friends?5. Valerian: City of AlphaBuild, oversee, and create Alpha, a flourishing space city in the universe of Valerian. Manage the Ultimate space metropolis. Leave on a galactic voyage like no other and drench yourself in this dazzling looking science fiction game. Explore the universe of Valerian. Become the architect of thousand cities, planets and frame the shape of future of our galaxy! Connect with mind-blowing alien cultures and traditions.6. Rising WarriorsRising Warriors is an epic combat battle game for amusement. You can gain rewards and triumph by making your strategy and fighting against players worldwide. Build your empire and prepare yourself for the battle and fight against the evil Black Knight. You can also defend yourself and your kingdom from other players by using various defense systems such as Walls, Gunners, and Archers. You will also like to explore a huge world map and discover the mysterious and powerful gems. Who doesn’t like to choose their own favorite army formation from countless combinations of troops, heroes, and clan reinforcement? Now it’s time for you to Scout, plan, and take over lands!  7. Smash HitSmash Hit is more than a fun game. It’s utterly hypnotizing as it is a game which never ends. The Smash Hit is a game based on the very basic concept. In this game, you have to break glass obstacle with a metal ball to proceed on a path. It plays a very soothing music and also has very beautiful graphics. You will not hesitate to start over when you’ve finally reached the end. It also increases the focus of the player by making them concentrate on two things at once. I am sure you all will love this game but be careful too it’s quite addictive.This was our list of best Android Games for 2018, try them all they are quite interesting and adventurous. Hope to see you again on, Thanks for Reading! Stay Tuned for more such articles.