“Tolerance allow people committed crimes or be conscious about

“Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice”- Ayaan Hirsi Ali. To allow people committed crimes or be conscious about it is the same that commit the crime by itself. People must to speak out and claim for respect. The fight for the tolerance in the world has been challenging.

One of those fervent fighters is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is a women’s rights activist, politician and writer, who was born in Somali and escaped to Netherlands where she became a refugee. Her beliefs are centered in women rights in the Islam community. Among the main points she focuses are the freedom of speech, female genital mutilation, and child marriage.The freedom of speech is a fundamental right to all human beings. Freely express opinions and ideas related to any topic should be a daily thing.

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Nevertheless, having this right does not mean that people just can say whatever they want without even think about the impact of their words. Instead, they must be conscious and make a smart use of it. In 2006 Ayaan Hirsi Ali critized social media by do not published cartoons that made fun of Islam. She refered to those people as “mediocres of mind” and congratulated the ones that openly share its opposition as she always does.Hirsi Ali completely disagrees with the female genital mutilation, a common practice in the African continent. When Ayaan Hirsi Ali was five years old her grandmother paid a man to remove Ayaan’s clitoris. Since she fleed to Netherlands and discovered the “Atheist Manifesto” by Herman Philipse, she rejected the Islamic religion and roughly confronted its principles and retrograde practices especially related to women’s rol. In 2003 Ayaan Hirsi Ali received multiple death threats after said that the profet Muhammad was a perverted.

According to history, Muhammad was fifty three years old when he married with Aisha, who was nine years old. Ayaan clasified Muhammad behavior as pedophile. This event generated a lot of controversy. Twenty-one Islamic states demanded an apology by offending their communities, but Ayaan refused to do it.

If something is clear, is that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has no fear to speak out, express herself and defends what she believes in. However, express our opinions in a positive and non-offending way is a better practice. It is not what is said, it is the way how is said. It has been already proved that women are as capables as men and both deserve the same trait and chances. The right of freedom of speech must be the same for everyone, as well as the right of each individual to make decisions about their integrity, both physical and moral.

Nobody has the right to violate any of those rights. People must respect them as we must to respect their rights too.