Today, constantly every year. The age of industrialization has

Today, the earth is full of industries, millions of vehicles, airplanes and engines, all produced and operating constantly every year.

The age of industrialization has brought both positive and negative impacts to our globe. This includes the detrimental global warming that is currently one of the most dangerous world issues. Global warming is the rise in average temperatures around the earth, to the point that it causes changes in the global climate.

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The main problem of global warming is the release of carbon dioxide, and other dangerous chemicals in to the atmosphere. These dangerous gases are released from cars, from factories which burn fossil fuels for energy purposes, from airplanes and so on. This huge release of gases is putting the life of all living things in danger.                   Global warming is becoming one of the biggest threats of human lives. It can affect our lives psychologically, physically and emotionally. Global warming is experienced when harmful gases are released to the atmosphere. The release of those harmful gases will increase smog levels which may cause serious health problems like asthma, bronchitis and many other serious illnesses. The climate changes also impacted the loss of biodiversity which is very important for the plants and animals to maintain their habitat and ecosystem.

For example, the water sources may change, the food chain may destroy, and the medicine sources may change. “The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change report warns that “the symptoms of climate change have been clear for a number of years, with the health impacts far worse than previously understood.” These include increasing illness, injury and death from more frequent and intense heat, storms, floods, drought and wildfires, as well as the health fallout from crop damage and food insecurity, air pollution, water contamination, mass displacement and migration, and changing patterns of infectious diseases from animals and insects.

“(Vogel).             The climate change also affects the lives of many sea creatures due to the change of sea level. It raises the overall temperature and cause ice caps to melt. When this happens, sea levels tend to rise more rapidly than normal. The rise of sea level and precipitation will increase the mixing tendency of carbon dioxide and the water which outcomes ocean acidification. “The warming could hardly go unnoticed. The sea would warm and expand while glaciers melt, pushing up sea level about 30 centimeters by the middle of the next century and possibly as much as 1.5 meters.

Even the more modest rise would erode most sandy beaches along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts at least 30 meters. The heat and some regional dryness would disrupt agriculture in some places, especially semiarid regions where agriculture is marginal to begin with. ” (Kerr).

              The opposition says that the rising of atmospheric carbon dioxide and the release of harmful gases do not necessarily cause global warming because those gases will be absorbed by oceans, trees and other living things. It also says that climate change results in the availability of more heat energy which will down the cost of fuel and better agricultural yield due to the demand of excessive heat by some seasonal crops to grow. But, this is not the case we are encountering right now. Climate change is making more loss than benefit.            In conclusion, Climate change is worsening the environment on the earth day by day, many things are affecting just by global warming. Many diseases are increasing in plants, human beings and animals and the circulation of oceans is getting disrupted due to the melting of ice and this results in the rise of the sea level.

We must take serious actions to prevent the climate change.