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To Whomsoever It May Concern It gives me true pleasure torecommend Vaibhav Anand for admission to your highly esteemed university. Beinghis English teacher, I have taught Vaibhav for two years (in eleventh andtwelfth grades) and so must I confess that he has remained one of theexceptional students among all those I have taught in seven years of myteaching experience.

 As far as academic isconcerned, he has personified an exceptional character of strong inquisitionand sincerity in the field of learning which has gained him a remarkableacademic accomplishment in his high school years and securing an aggregate ofeighty-nine percent (89%) in his final twelfth-grade board exams. Outside theclassroom, his keen interest in working on computer and scientific researchprojects with a meticulous and creative eye, and his devotion to logic and hiscuriosity to dwell on the depth of research had made him a true analyst in theworlds of the science and computers. He would spend endless time in the schoolresearch labs just to carry out his scientific research projects precisely andcreate reports on them, which kept him deeply occupied.

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 Vaibhav’s most outstandingcharacteristics that I highly admire is his independent thinking ability andhis eagerness to express his imaginative ideas vividly. In other scenarios,where students would never express their minds, he showed no hesitancy instating his questions, thoughts, and ideas. He was constantly a dynamicpartaker in the class discussions, his lively character and contentiouspositions often ignited the entire class to a moving and exciting period ofdebating, with him being at the pivotal point of one side or another.

 I would also comment abouthim beyond his academic achievements. Vaibhav is a very humble and a sensitivechild. He has a focused approach towards life, and his determination to achievehis goals will make him attain greater heights in his life. During my two yearsof teaching him, I have discovered Vaibhav to be perseverant, action-orientedand enthusiastic in whatever work he chooses to do. Keeping in mind thecircumstances through which he has gone that otherwise would have broken thespirits of any other person, Vaibhav faced it courageously and with muchmaturity. The sudden demise of his father amidst the final board exams intwelfth grade could have a setback for him.

But I must profess with pride thatVaibhav did not lose his spirit of life instead faced the situation with muchmaturity.  A young man like Vaibhav is a blessing indisguise, and definitely, there is no reason one could need to recommend him.Henceforth considering his sterling qualities of dedication, perseverance,endurance and also the excruciating times this boy has undergone, I kindlyentrust your reputed Institute to give Vaibhav a preference over other studentsto admission in your prestigious university for the undergraduate program. Hehas my highest recommendation, without reservation. He will succeed to achieverecognition and be a credit to your institute. If you have any furtherquestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Sincerely, Ms. Rashmi Sharma English TeacherK.R.Mangalam World School