‘To (Moore, Doherty and Doyle, 2010, p141). The fashion

‘To boost his success in the fashion industry,Giorgio Armani promotes the absolute essence of his brand’ (Moore, Doherty andDoyle, 2010, p141). The fashion retail design is unforgiving andultracompetitive business that requires a high degree of innovation and uniqueattributes to help it survive and remain one of the world’s best fashionindustries. Giorgio Armani collaborates with architects to develop a delicateinterior design and retail stores for his wide range of products ranging fromclothes, cosmetics, and fragrances. Armani collaborated with Silvestrin todevelop his different retail store and design the unique retail space withinthese stores. Silvestrin has helped design a total of 27 stores for Armani’sfashion industry.

‘His first design was in Paris in 1999 and latest of hisdesign is in Sloane, London in 2003. Claudio Silvestrin uses minimalism conceptto design the different architectural structures. Minimalism objective is toachieve simplicity in developing retail space and retail design’ (Schmitt,2000, p9). It has also been said  ‘A minimalistphilosophy doesn’t just spare space; the designer works using pieces that tella story. By focusing on what is essential, a designer can better exemplify acompany’s or brand’s narrative by focusing on a few points that make a bigdifference.

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‘( worksdesigngroup , 2017) . Minimaliststarted to stand out more ‘The minimalistarchitecture was popular in London and New York during late 1980’s. This periodmarked the collaboration of architects and fashion designers.'(Mesher , 2010)The main objective of these collaborations was to create fashion stores thatwere simple. These architects used white elements and intense lighting to helpdevelop minimalist architecture. This architectural approach led to thecreation of large retail store with minimum objects and furniture.

A minimalistapproach to architecture simplifies fashion retail space to show the importantquality of the designs and depict simplicity in attitudes that are gearedtowards life.Claudio Silvestrin approach toretail space design involves stripping everything down to its original qualityto achieving simplicity. Silvestrin does not just focus on the physical aspectof the building but also looks into the spiritual dimension, people, space,materials, and nature. This move helps reveal the abstract quality of aninvisible element and open dialogue with the surrounding environment. Thisinteraction helps create a relationship between fashion, design, andarchitecture.

It helps create a strong bond between retail space, retail designand the products a fashion expert created. Elements such as natural light, sky,air or other architectural pieces may be used in a building to bring a uniqueand eye-catching fashion space.Silvestrin uses basic geometric forms, elementswithout decoration, repetition of structures and simple materials to achieve asense of uniqueness, quality and order in the various retail spaces he designsfor Armani. The movement of natural light from one point of the store to theother portrays a simple and clean retail space that attracts clients. Theminimalist style of design helps restore purity and beauty in a fashion store.

It reduces various elements back to their most basic form to create an elegantenvironment that enhances the beauty and natural appearance of retails shops.The reduction of style, color, material, connection, and texture are the mostbasic steps in achieving a simplified architectural design. A minimalistdesigner does not focus on decorations or Opulence when designing structure butfocuses on the intelligent use of materials that enhance the beauty and bringthe simple shapes out of a fashion store. Through this approach, most of Armaniretail stores have maximum spaces with minimum designs.Mostof the retail stores designed by Silvestrin use a hidden source of light tocreate a unique and eye-catching view that creates lasting memories forclients.

Furthermore, geometrical forms and other natural materials is a vitalpillar of his designs. A minimalist approach to the designs of retail space hasled to the creation essential values in designs.