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To maintain a healthy body one needs to eat right, and most importantly exercise. There are many exercises for working out your body, such as anaerobic exercise. This type of exercise deals with a high intensity workout with limited amount of oxygen inhaled. Anaerobic itself means, “without oxygen.” It is a type of workout out that exerts out your body to limit, meaning that it exceeds the need for oxygen. Any type of exercise first starts with a form of anaerobic whether that is sprinting, heavy-lifting, and jumping; any workout out that requires short bursts of energy is a anaerobic exercise.

There are many benefits to anaerobic exercise such as, strength-building, weight loss, improved respiratory health, strengthened bones, increased metabolism, and increased energy. The main benefits of anaerobic exercise is your body becoming stronger through strength-building, the lean body because of weight loss, and an improved respiratory health. Anaerobic exercise is not meant for the individual to lose weight quickly but over time. Through quick bursts of high intensity workouts the individual builds muscle, and muscle uses more calories. Eventually, as the individual continues to use to anaerobic exercise they slowly become stronger as well as lose weight. Through the building of muscle and strength your heart becomes healthier and it decreases the chances of many diseases. When you workout intensively there is a temporary storage of oxygen that supplies your muscles, lactic acid is produced by producing energy through anaerobic exercise.  When lactic acid accumulates at high levels in the blood, it causes muscular fatigue.

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This is why anaerobic exercises are not intended to use as a workout for an extended amount of time. But as with practice, the body adjusts to the use of lactic acid and the muscles do not become fatigued so quickly. Anaerobic also improves the respiratory system through quick burst of inhaled oxygen. During this exercise you work out your muscles very harshly, muscles need oxygen. Oxygen is fuel for muscles that makes a substance for muscles called ATP (adenosine triphosphate, or adenosine-5′-triphosphate).

Muscles pull oxygen from the blood sending a message to the brain to retrieve more oxygen, this is why you deep heavily during a strenuous workout; your body is trying to collect as much oxygen as possible. Through this your body learns to breath quicker during exercise to inhale more oxygen resulting in you able to withstand longer periods of harsh workouts. Anaerobic exercise is a great way to lose weight, get healthy, and stay strong. It’s a fast and simple workout out that requires a large amount of energy in a short bursts which leads to tons of benefits that include an improved respiratory system, strength-building, weight loss, strengthened bones, increased metabolism, and increased energy. With all these benefits it’s easy to get into great shape, and it’s easy to incorporate into your daily exercise.

Consider using different methods such as, aerobic with some bursts of anaerobic exercise mixed in periodically to improve weight loss and overall fitness. Again, anaerobic exercise uses a lot of energy which fatigues the muscles into a frenzy state of wanting more oxygen. That is why it is called the “without oxygen” because it depletes your body of the one raw substance that your body and muscles need to workout. So sports such as track, or sports that need you to be across the field in no time, anaerobic exercise is great way to get your body into shape. Overall, you should incorporate anaerobic exercise into your daily exercise regiment if you want to be strong and healthy! It is not an easy workout but it’s great for the body in the long run, so try anaerobic exercise!