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To many people, the problems of the environment are distant and not familiar.

However, everyone has noticed that the situation becomes worse and worse every year. The cataclysms and extreme changes of temperature are pieces of evidence of dysfunction and devastation of the ecosystem. Thus, the Earth is human’s natural habitat, and that is why people should struggle for the preservation of nature. Nowadays, different nations create funds and organisations which secure environment due to the reason that they are looking for ways to regenerate natural resources, protect endangered species, and protect people lives.To begin, the environmental problems cause lack of food, shelter, and natural resources which are essential for living. In such a way, the problem reaches new level which is more extended one due to the reason that then it becomes a national issue. Moreover, there is no reason to underestimate the environmental problems because they create problems in every sphere of human life.

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Climate changes may lead to floods and droughts and other natural cataclysms. It is a well-known fact that the sea level has risen much for the last decades. It happened because of rapid depletion of the aquifers and melting of the glaciers at a high-speed rate. The problem inconveniences with the increase in population.

In such a way, there will be not enough resources for the whole amount of people in recent years. However, it relates to society which means it becomes a crucial issue to the national security community.It is not a secret that we are the generation of big data. We have an ability to operate with it and analyse it which means that we are able to change the situation. It gives an opportunity to implement measures which can prevent the dire consequences of the climate change such as hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, cyclones and other disasters.

It allows to make judgements about the environmental factors can affect economic, political, and social forces. The matter is that people have to be prepared for such phenomena.Undoubtedly, climate change is an issue which is easily indicated, but it is one of the most intricate puzzles to solve. CNN made a report which is named National Security and the Threat of Climate Change which explained why the climate change is a threat to the humanity and world order. Thus, the climate change requires the highest level of attention, and it should be under the supervision of the national security planning.The essential problem in the U.

S. discussion of environment and security lays in the fact that the government demonstrates the lack of agreement on that concept. It is a reason because the U.S. cannot efficiently create the guidance of actions which should be implemented. Moreover, the U.

S. debates display the “intense interaction between practitioners and analysts.” (Griffiths 24) It is worthy of note that even the smallest concordance between analysts and practitioners can impulse the changes and provide the directions for practice. Thus, the U.S.

make efforts to increase extended security praxis, but it happens to be accompanied by uncertainty and complexity. It was stated that climate changes could also provoke violence, terrorism, and conflict. “According to a 2010 Department of Homeland Security report, the likelihood of social and political destabilization, conflict and mass migration all increase with climate-related hazards.

“(Rodewald)  “National Security Strategy” states that climate change is a rapidly growing threat and it provides the steps of protection from natural disasters, conflicts over the basis of resources, and refugee movements. A Pentagon report considers that climate change is no longer only an environmental problem. What is important that the U.S. debate possesses “a rapidly expanding bibliography that now includes hundreds of articles, chapters and books”  which are devoted to the issue of climate changes.(Griffiths) In such a way, the government makes efforts to secure the U.

S. citizens from the consequences of climate change.Hence, the U.

S. proves to be concerned by the climate changes and the government search the solutions for the problems it causes. However, the actions of the governmental subdivision are not well-coordinated. The implementation and preventional measures are applied randomly. That is the reason why they fail in their attempts to prevent the disasters.

In conclusion, the climate changes are the essential issue which causes many problems in almost every aspect of human life. The reason for climate changes is the devastating situation in the environment which are characterized by natural disasters and melting of glaciers. Moreover, the modern environment state demonstrates requires protection on different levels such community-level, state-level, and national level.