Title: a modern phenomenon. Almost any change in the

Title: Some Trendy Strategies of Stress in Our

Description: Are you aware of stress strategies that
increase your stress day-by-day. Here we have mentioned some stress strategies in
our daily life.

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Strategies of Stress in Life


Stress is a physical response. When
stressed, the body thinks it is under attack. It is the war one reacts
physically, mentally and emotionally to the various conditions. Stress is the
debilitating effect caused by constant pressure both at work and home are a
modern phenomenon. Almost any change in the environment even a pleasant change
such as picnic or vacation demands some stress and little stress is useful in
helping us to adapt-or-adjust, sometimes a person gets used to the change or
reorganizes himself for such conditions. He develops suitable ways to overcome
changing conditions, as his/her motivational property of certain emotions. Such
adaptive behavior adds color and spice to living and adds pleasure to our
lives. But beyond some point, stress becomes the distress. What acts to produce
distress varies greatly from person to person. We civilized members of western
culture, think of ourselves as rational beings (means balanced and reasonable)
who go about satisfying our motives in an intelligent way. Most of our affairs
of everyday life are tinged with feelings and emotion like joy and sorrow,
excitement and disappointment, love and fear, attraction and repulsion, hope
and dismay, all these and many more are feelings, we often experienced in the
course of a day. When our emotions are intense and easily aroused, they can
easily get us into trouble and make us as depressed as if we were sick with
fever. As the acuteness of life-crisis increases from mild to severe,
susceptibility to illness rises progressively.


Stress Factors and Suggestions


Today, it is very common for many
peoples to aim at unrealistic goals they want to work in order to achieve the
goal. But it is not such strain and hardship in unrealistic goals result
sometimes in serious disease. Smoking, drinking use of caffeine drugs in modern
lifestyle damages the body. It makes a person addict or get addicted so you
will have pressure to smoke and drink and when such pressure is prolonged, will
result in serious disease.

Stress is an individual response to
the demand for change. On a daily basis, she/he is continually bombarded with
many demands to change the behavior, academic performance, major choice and
career & values.

Faced with these demands, he may
seek to resist changing himself, while also trying to manage the stress so that
it does not manage him. Stress is not a diagnosis but a process happening over

Stress is an internal state and
it can be caused by demands on the body. Such as Physical factors, academic
factors, social factors and emotional factors. These factors are as follow:-


1.      Disease

2.       Severe exercises or hard work

3.       Living conditions- no home town

4.       Noisy surroundings

5.       Shortage of facilities

6.       Travelling

7.       Bad food in cafeteria

8.       Inadequate learning facilities

9.       Changes in methods of study/work

10.   Too many examinations/presentations

11.  Inability
to speak in public

12.   High expectations of parents/family

13.   Staying away from family

14.   Trouble from daily work

15.   Inadequate financial support

16.   Change in personal habits.

17.   No time for personal hobbies

18.   Conflicts with colleagues

19.   Fear of failure

20.   Indifferent behaviors of seniors




In this article,
the stress only means mental stress. From a psychological point of view, stress
is a recognitive and behavioral experience process constituted by mental stress
sources and mental stress reactions together. Stress sources refer to factors
causing stress reactions, including biological stress sources, spiritual stress
sources, and social and environmental sources.