Timothy other hand though we do not have freedom;

Timothy Corey 1-25-18American dream     The American Dream is not accomplishable for everyone anymore. America had changed the ability to concour dreams too. Everyone wants something in life and they strive for whether it’s haveing a home, money, family, or success. We have these dreams to make us feel like more, make us feel accomplished.     The “American Dream” is something that was big in the past, the dream was the way that everyone thought about life.

America is different now, the dream is different now. It was a dream that started the foundation of America and the way America is coming to be today. Even though it’s a big part of our history it should stay in the past. “Now, I even looked dressed up like the American-born.

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But inside of me I knew that I was not yet an American”(23 Holt). America is the place where new people come and go and some decide to stay. They decide to stay and build a “new and better” lives. That being said people are still being judged and being treated with unfairness in many ways for racial, ethnic, or religious reasons. This puts a hold on what they want thier “American Dream” to be, they now have more obstacles and sometimes complete stops that they can’t through. Making the dream not accessible. “Let America be America again.

Let it be the dream it used to be. Let it be the pioneer on the plain” (42 Holt). America is known for its freedom, which yes, we do have. In the other hand though we do not have freedom; for everyone.

our country has developed and changed in major ways since the “American Dream” was a part of average American life. That said many people can accomplish what they want, just not all. These statements mean that the American Dream is not accessible to everyone, only some.

       Having this dream brings many things to mind, and almost everything that comes involves having or needing money. Having your dream means scrifices no matter what, you may be left with the best life and people with no money, making life become not the best life; we need money to live. On the other side you could have all the money in the world and no one to spend it with or no dreams to accomplish. “Those who believe money can do everything are frequently prepared to do everything for money” (George Savile). Having a dream that being wealthy means being happy or being able to buy your happiness can leave you in the dust with no one.

Money can also make you do things that shouldn’t be done hence “do everything for money”. This quote is showing that most people with the “American Dream” of becoming rich may not even know what is going to lie ahead for them.     America is not the same that it used to be, it have adapted to us and changed in many ways. This is something that just doesn’t fit with the way our society works anymore. “‘The American Dream is a bygone thing’ she adds ‘it’s not the way of life anymore. I used to believe I was responsible for my own destiny. But it’s not that simple. Now it’s faith and fortitude.

“‘ (66 Holt). Yes some people can control what they’re destiny is going to be, if they truly try hard enough and have all the resources they need. But that’s not how America is anymore we do not have the resources anymore, we do not have the society for it. This is just not how America is anymore, we don’t run this way anymore and that’s not what we are.  Therefore,yes the American Dream is accomplishable, to some. This is how America has became what it is today, the rich rising and making the poor, the certain crown being able to do stuff while the others sit and watch. Sometimes people can do what they want in life but other times they just stay where they are a dream of what it could be.

The American Dream belongs in the past and people shouldn’t be something people beat them self up about. America needs to make new history and stop trying to live in the past. The dream era is over.