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Thyroid Cancer is a pretty big issue and it can develop in your own body and you might not even know it. Thyroid cancer is only one of the many diseases that takes place in the Endocrine system.  Others include diabetes, achondroplasia, Addison’s disease, glandular growth disorder, and Marfan.  Most of these diseases can be harmful to your body. All these diseases have something in common and that is that they are related to the endocrine system. One of the diseases that takes place in endocrine system is diabetes. If you find out you have diabetes, you will most likely have it your whole life. This disease is caused by rejection and insufficient secretion of insulin.  This could cause harm and issues in your body because the cells in your body need to absorb glucose. Glucose is a main source of energy and is part of carbohydrate digestion. Diabetes makes this more difficult and lessens the amount the cells absorb. About one in five Americans over the age of sixty have type two diabetes, which is also known as adult-onset diabetes. The more overweight and sedentary you are the more chances you have of diabetes, and death because of it. Although this is a disease, another disease that could be even more harmful than diabetes is thyroid cancer.When you have thyroid cancer you have an unusual amount of cells in your thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck. One of its purposes is to make and produce thyroid cells. This cancer is rare and occurs more in females rather than males. There are many kinds of thyroid cancer, so some of them are easily treated while others a a little harder. A cause of thyroid cancer is being exposed to radiation which comes from radioisotopes of iodine. These radioisotopes can be found in nuclear fallout, disaster or explosion. They are also used in medicine. There are ways that you can tell if you have this cancer. If you have a lump in your throat or have difficulty breathing or hoarseness. Sometimes these symptoms may not be there but the cancer can be discovered and often times is discovered when you undergo a medical procedure not related to seeing if you have thyroid cancer. This disease takes place in only the neck but can spread, while a disease like achondroplasia affects your entire body.