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Throughout the 20 century, our views on the government and military have extremely changed. Military is authorised to use deadly force, and weapons to support the interests of the state and some or all citizens. The purpose of the military is not to kill people and break things, but it is to guard, protect and serve America. The military is made up of five armed forces Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. There are three different categories of people. You have active duty, reserve and guard forces.  Each branch has their own purpose for the military. The President is the commander in chief, he has the final say, he is responsible for any and every thing. The Secretary of the Department of Defense has control over the military and each branch except for the coast guard.  Military role is responsible for defending the country land based against people who starts fights. Also they have usually in the past served as a backup for the police in maintaining the security and protecting citizens who lawfully live in the country or state and their property.  Anything that’s too big for the police automatically goes over the the military. For at least 30 years or more each elements has been included into having their own degrees. The national police often joined other people in public to show a strong opinion about their ability to handle domestic sickness and problems created by armed people who are trying to take control as times that were demanded to take over by the stronger and more prepared military force. The armed forces participated in a variety of public programs.  The United States military did not officially start until September 29, 1789, when congress passed a bill making it permitted by law with the man that’s already in uniform. At the beginning, the approval of the Constitution in 1788 expanded the government authority by giving congress the power to support armies. At first Congress, did not support the rule of supporting the armies, instead the judge and court enlisted on other states and wars. On August 7, President Washington asked to establish some effective system on the men that was put in uniform, because they had honor, respected, and put the country in order. So based on facts and other evidence he made a plea three days later. But it was later on during the first session that congress passed a bill giving the president the ability to call wars any time he wanted to, whenever it was necessary. American Civil War took place when the southern states decided to break off from the United States. Confederate Army wore gray uniforms, while the Union wore blue. Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant fought throughout the Southern area. The causes of the civil war was farming, expansion, and slavery. Slavery was one of the main causes. The breakout of slavery put countries at risk against each other. Slavery grew larger and it conflicted with the state rights and the power of the federal government. Which was one of the biggest contribution of the civil war. Difference between the free and the slave states was the government was trying to prohibit slavery in the areas owned or controlled by someone. The North tried to end slavery, that angered the South, because both states had different ideas on slavery, trades, tariffs, and state rights. Both countries could not come to an agreement on slavery during