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Throughout literature we have seen great examples of strong female characters in the earliest forms of literature  like Antigone by Sophocles and Medea by Euripides. The protagonist in Nathaniel Hawthorn´s scarlet letter Hester Prynne is another example, for the entire of the book Hawthorns portraits the Puritan society as male dominant . But also paints Hester a strong female character by forcing her to shoulder the burden of the scarlet letter.  The book narrates the decision she’s made and how she grew through shame. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne struggles against a  tyrannical Puritanical society; it is this struggle that shapes her . No doubt  Hester is indeed a strong and dynamic character, but is she a strong, feminist character,  does she face her difficulties  as an emancipate individual  Or, does she allow Puritan values walk all over her strength and individuality ?  The Scarlet Letter is the story of unfaithful Hester   who is forced wear to wear the scarlet letter  A as punishment for her sin. Her lover, Arthur Dimmesdale , remains  unknown and is tormented with guilt, while her husband, Roger Chillingworth, seeks revenge. A feminist is someone who recognizes the strength and capability of woman as equal to the strength and capabilities of men. In the book Hester first  yields  to the shame given  by the society . Then She enables , the letter to over power her life. But As the book progresses, Hawthorne divulges that the scarlet letter has reinforce her . Towards the end of the book she undergoes a major character change,  she loses her femininity and becomes more modest and starts to follow the puritanical  values,  but that is only in order to be strong. By giving up her feminosity she made a name for herself , she became more humble and  gained more responsibilities  in the town . And  even went as far as making the small town lifeless gossip seeking citizens forget that the A stood for adultery,  And  now is baptized it to mean able .