Through become married twice, with multiple kids. She sang

Through the years there have been many types of music, rock and roll, blues, and hip hop. Even the several branches of rock growing off of rock and roll, through these times artists rose and fell, died and lived for rock and roll. Music has evolved and hasn’t stopped yet, or will it ever stop for a very long time. Some of the most famous artists still ring in the ears of the people young and old. Some artists are at the tips of your fingers with new phones and Ipods. For example Diana Ross who started her career with a group called “The Primettes” who made several No.1 hits in a row. Through her life she would go off to become married twice, with multiple kids. She sang out for four decades, so long enough that she became recognized by  Guinness world records as “The most popular female singer”. This popular singer, actress, and mother is only one of the many famous artists. Like the beatles, they started from scratch. Playing in pubs and clubs, the worked their way up and went on to make one of the most popular bands ever. While the band went through its four stages such as, Pop beatles, Transition Beatles, psychedelic Beatles, and Back to basics beatles. During their career the held five spots on the top billboards. After their breakup at Disneyland, all of them just went their separate ways. Just about all of them went on their own solo careers, currently two are alive.Tupac Shakur was to some people “The Elvis of Hip-hop”. Killed at age 25 by an unknown source. He had many enemies, including the Crips, Bigge (Another rapper), and his record manger whom he was leaving for broke. Tupac’s early life was constantly moving around with his mother at one point living in a shelter. This heavily influenced his rap career, rapping about the things he saw on the streets. But he wasn’t the only one singing about hardships.     Ray Charles, the blind blues player. Born in the 1930’s to sharecroppers, he lost his sight around the age of 4 or 5, but this was one of many tragedies in his life. He had his sight long enough to see his little brother drown to death in a water barrel. In his life he would make his life in blues, inspired like most by the rise in blues and his roots as a share cropper. Despite his tragedies and hardships he pushed through and persevered through his life. In the 90’s teens were becoming depressed, they didn’t think there was much of a future left for them. Among the teens in Seattle rose a group of young adults who began to sing about the hardships and more things teens could relate to. This band was called Nirvana, they began to sing and encourage teens just to do what they wanted. They began to set up the grunge scene. Soon many others where into the scene. But it was short lived as the lead singer Kurt Cobain killed himself. But just a little earlier came a stranger band. In the punk scene arose a band named Green Day, which wasn’t formed until 1986. They got 3 No.1 hits in the UK. Their first album was “Dookie”. They still have some fame and recognition today despite them taking a break in 2014. But even earlier people wore makeup and looked feminine as all get out.David Bowie was a popular glam rock artist in the 70’s and 80’s, his appearance was very controversial. Almost so controversial his music barely made it onto MTV. Though his look was disapproved by most of  the media he pushed on and later ditched the Glam rock look. He says now that he did everything he could possibly do. He would die later after his 69th birthday 2016 because of Liver cancer.Meanwhile in 1975 a band called the Alan Parsons Project was created. A Progressive sound to their music. They would go on to be recognized by popular cartoons such as The Simpsons. But before this they began to make a album, one of the most popular prog rock albums. “I robot” which came out before the movie and there was no movie based off of this one. Instead it took the same inspiration from the movie of a book of short stories of robots becoming sentient in a world of robot slaves. Throughout their careers the made more minor rock operas. But a little earlier someone else broke the surface.One of the most famous hard rock artists is Kiss. Formed in 1973, they would come to fame for looking the way they did. The wild make-up, the wigs, and the loud mix of voices. Later in their career they would become sellouts. Making toys and a movie, even a pinball game. They are still active today. Fans young and old will tell you of their love for Kiss and their exotic style.During the new wave era another band rose up, but their fame was short lived. Formed in 1975 and active until 1991. During their time they made music that was new for the time. During their  climax in their career they began to fall apart quickly. But not before they had some collaborations with artist Eno. Their breakup was made official in December 1991. They would have reunions in 1996 and 2002.In this frequent list 10 artists were exposed and explained. In the world we live in today these artists can sometimes be forgotten or flat out  abandoned by the fans. It’s important to remember the roots of Rock and Roll and it’s many roots in time, inspirations, and artists. Without them we wouldn’t have artists like Beyonce, Imagine Dragons, etc. So remember don’t have take these artists for granted and keep their names alive by spreading their music with friends and family. This is the only way that the roots shall not be forgotten.