This food and public policy. This study focused on

This article is about the advantages and disadvantages of marketing food and beverages to youth through sports. As it started with the idea of marketing food and beverages that could cause teenagers to acquire a poor diet and obesity; this is also one of the factors that brings common health issues.

Since teenagers nowadays are engaged in sports, it allows food and beverages industries to come up ideas in using sports to market their product. In their study Bragg, Roberto (2017) seems to support on how they market their foods to the children through sports. Moreover, it shows how other countries manage and develop food and public policy.

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This study focused on three marketing strategies that each industry engages in: sponsorships, athlete endorsements, and sports video games wherein to encourage others to promote and appreciate their products more. Additionally, using unhealthy products in marketing and advertising it to youth can cause harmful effects to the health of the youth and affect their eating habits.The style of writing of the author was very organized and reliable.

Also, the coherence of the ideas was observable to give the readers ease on understanding the entire piece. This article also provided sources from different people and country that made it reliable to read. The researchers also noticed the diction or the choice of words on how it was constructed that made it convenient for the wider audience/audiences.Marketing and advertising food and beverages through sports will be very useful and beneficial for the children, food and beverages industries for all other industries will expose their product and they will earn money, however, it still depends on their product and how they market it. Most of the food and beverages they advertise are for energy dense only, and most of it is unhealthy. Due to this situation, it can affect the preferences of the youth.

In their previous studies, the researchers seek to analyze on how food and beverages industries use sports in marketing and describe how food advertisements influence the perception and behaviors of children and adolescent.  The researchers totally agree to the previous study because it aims to provide guidance on how public health experts and policymakers should address the issue. In this review there are three ways of sports related they use in marketing. First, the use of sponsorships, where majority of the Food and Beverages Company selling unhealthy products are the one who exactly being known especially their brand through sports venues, internet, and television.

The authors also provide others studies to support their claims. Furthermore, social media has a big role in expanding advertising exposure to have an access in personal lives of the youth. The findings confirmed that to determine the effectiveness of given advertising technique, they use both brand awareness and customers attitude as markers which influence by sponsorships. Also, it shows that Food and Beverages Company sponsors did not meet healthiness criteria rating developed by the government officials and to the people who are expert in that field.