This and what kind of kingdom it is. By

This documentary filmis made by BBC and British art historian Dr Gus Casely-Hayford explores thepre-colonial history of some of Africa’s most important kingdoms.The Africancontinent is home to nearly a billion people. It has an incredible diversity ofcommunities and cultures, yet we know less of its history than almost anywhereelse on earth.

But that is beginning to change. In the last few decades,researchers and archaeologists have begun to uncover a range of histories asimpressive and extraordinary as anywhere else in the world. The series revealsthat Africa’s stories are preserved for us in its treasures, statues andancient buildings – in the culture, art and legends of the people. This video looksat Nubia, in this we discover what is now northern Sudan, a kingdom that conquereda vast area of the eastern Sahara for thousands of years. The people of NorthSuden were described as barbarians and mercenaries, and yet Nubia has left uswith some of the most remarkable monuments in the world. In this video Casely-Hayfordtry to find the origins of this fascinating kingdom back to 10,000 BC. Heexplores how it developed and what happened to it and its people, discoveringthat its kings once ruled Ancient Egypt and that it was defeated not by itsrivals but by its environment.By watching this video,I further research on Nubia, and I have find many aspects about this Kingdome.

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Thisthis make me able to analysis what is Nubia and what kind of kingdom it is. By searchingI have confirm one thing that Sudan is the home land and the cradle ofpharaonic civilization and Egypt is only an extension of that civilization andin Sudan there is more than 200 pyramids and it’s older than the Egyptian about3000 years. I also studied many reviews about this and history of Nubia. I thoughtthat most of history is hidden and in this age of life we should have to openthe history of Africa because Africa produce great nations in history who holdsthe its true that Nubia is a great nation and they were in rulers ofthe world in history.