This and their future. Some of the issues that

This issue is a big problem because  Video game addiction (VGA) does not get proper coverage and it has effects on adolescents that affect them and their future. Some of the issues that  excessive play results in is negative emotional, social, relational, educational, or career – related consequences. This issue has significance because 23 percent of youth say that they have felt addicted to video games.

This is a serious problem because of the future problems that occur with this problem. A big problem with video game addiction is that is doesn’t receive proper coverage in today media, if anything its condoned. Video game are always being advertised, there is a league for professionals called Major League Gaming (MLG), that also promotes it as the pros put all their time and effort into gaming. GameBlocker Parental Control Software is a multi-functional program all parents need if they have children, that are addicted to video games.

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GameBlocker software helps prevent children from video game addiction by controlling the amount of usage and restricting the time that children spend on the video game. For example, you can forbid kids playing video games by controlling console usage. You could allow your kids are playing video games one hour per day and block out the hours from 10pm to 7am so that they cant play video games during unreasonable and unsupervised hours. There are a few pros and cons to this software, at first the child may experience a bad temper, but there are many positive outcomes such as social isolation will be decreased, mood swings will be controlled, to the exclusion of other events in life will also be lessened.            I used the advertising technique “bandwagon” by suggesting the should not stay on the dark side, the should do something to make change. Also i used the advertising technique “transfer” i used it to say that they need to come out of the dark side and use our product. My advertisement addresses the issue with simplicity. It states that you should “play the real world” meaning that you should stop playing video game and simply enjoy life.

Don’t stay on the dark side means that you shouldn’t do what you’re currently doing and that you need change.