Thirdly, human locate the wide application of AI in

human locate the wide application of AI in the medical field. Doctors evaluate
the patients and their health risks with the help of artificial machine
intelligence. It instructs them about the symptoms of different medicines, for
example, Atomwise. Atomwise is a company uses AI to speed up drug discovery for
diseases like Ebola, multiple sclerosis, and leukemia. It declared the launch
of its Artificial Intelligence Molecular Screen (AIMS) program, which is a
supercomputer find the molecular structure of drugs (Bérénice, MD. 2017). It
can help to heal the sick faster and solve the human health problems. After
that, the patients’ medical records can storage in the database, for example,
Google’s DeepMind Health. DeepMind Health is the division of the Google-owned
AI Company that is applying machine figuring out how to use medical data
(Natasha, L. 2017). It can provide patients with better and more efficient
health service experience. Also, it can collect, store and simulate the latest
data. Then, the patient may need to make treatment option. Breg Health is an
AI-based medication discovery stage roots through reams of patient information
to discover and approve disease-causing biomarkers and efficiently craft
treatments based on the recently discovered information (Meghana, K., Arundhati,
P., Stephanie, B., Juliet, P. & Erin, D., 2015). It can accelerate medicate development
and reduce the cost, using artificial intelligence as ways to remove some of
the guesswork common in developing drugs. It can also produce some new
treatment and preventive medicine for the patient. Moreover, medical experts are
frequently prepared with the artificial surgery simulators. It finds an
enormous application in identifying and checking neurological disorders. AI is
used often in assisting mental health patients with coming out of sadness and
stay dynamic. A popular application of AI is radiosurgery. Radiosurgery is
utilized as a part of working tumors and this can actually help in the
operation without damaging the surrounding tissues.


Intelligence and robotics will not only enhance the way people think or
experience our lives, in addition, explores new view, whether space or the
ocean. Humans are getting increasingly better in defining their wants and
rapidly changing their need into daily life, for example, AI can work in any
atmospheres, AI can benefit human daily life and develop a perfect medical
system. According to the book Only Humans Need Apply (2016), the best interest
in intelligent machines do not usher individuals out the entryway, however
enable them to take all the more difficult tasks. Artificial Intelligence can
also help human to solve challenging problems in near future. Things will
happen so speedy that individuals will not mindful the minor changes and will
be effectively adaptable to the change it conveys to us.

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