Thinking in this piece is still evident despite its


Thinking About Things
We Can’t See:


I was fascinated by the focus on the works interior, as well
as the exterior. In sculpture, I feel that the internal structure is often
forgotten and neglected. Varying the inside of a sculpture will in turn change
the outside. Therefore, manipulating an object really derives from changing the
internal structure. This idea has inspired me to think about creating a
sculpture which highlights the importance of the interior. I could achieve this
by using a medium of certain translucency, or making half of the sculpture

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I was also interested in the way abstraction is enhanced through
vision. As the article explains, if you stare at a sculpture long enough, it
becomes more abstracted through repetition. I like the concept how abstraction
develops by itself as the viewer’s perception over time will do this. The
viewers will discover geometric shapes, and further break down the sculpture
into a simplified version. I like how abstraction works like this and involves
the viewer in a greater depth.


Charles Ray: Abstract Sculpture
and Lived Reality:


I really like Charles Ray’s use of unconventional mediums. I
like sculptures that use quirky materials, or common materials in an unusual
way. I feel that this method pushes the boundaries of the art world, in a new
and interesting way. When Ray uses his body as a medium, it adds another
element to three-dimensional sculpture. Not only is the body real but it can
also move and react, which captivates the viewer in a more dynamic way. The
viewer can connect to the sculpture as they can physically relate to the


The piece Stairway
1976 resonated in me as I love the juxtaposition of the materials. I think the
theme of fragility is compelling, as it can show vulnerability but also power. Ray
has further enhanced this message of fragility by choosing media that opposes
one another. Stairway epitomizes
fragility, as the suspension of glass above actual stairs adds a sense of fear
to the sculpture, as the placement of the media is uncomfortable to view. I
also like how the fragility in this piece is still evident despite its large


I also like how Ray’s sculptures focus on balance and
tension. The positioning of his sculptures focus very much on balancing
elements. I think sculptures show full distortion when they play around with
tension. I like how in Plank Piece I – II, the plank of wood and person create
a sense of harmony when they are balanced. Although there seems to be a lot of
tension where the wood and limbs meet, it also creates a sense of liberation
through equity.