There to market its products. Bentley boasts of luxury

There is an-always-changing scene in most of the market industries with large competition in terms of products it offers. Some outstanding brands include Bentley, Motorola, Kohl and Dish Network. These are just but some of the leading brands in their respective fields that use specific market strategies to stay relevant and competitive.

Studying these strategies help to understand the relevance they bring to the table and expose how they may be used in different organizations.            Bentley uses the premium pricing strategy to market its products. Bentley boasts of luxury and high-end products that are competitive on the higher end side of consumers. This strategy has worked well for them. The company puts in a lot of work in producing their products making the process expensive. The end result is what matters to them, quality.

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This has enabled them to find their own niche in the market place. Motorola is a product well known for using different pricing strategies to be able to penetrate the market. It uses penetration pricing, skimming pricing, competitive pricing, and promotional pricing strategies to gain a lead.

It incorporates these to find a fitting price for their products, to have a lead against their competitors, to be able to attract more customers to their brand, and to gain the much-needed exposure of their brand. Kohl particularly targets the middle-aged women and other sections of the market mainly through economic pricing strategy. By providing different market segments with different pricing, they are able to target their market efficiently as required. Dish Network adopts competitive pricing and economic pricing strategies. It ensures that it maintains an edge in the services it provides to the market by learning strategies on how to stay ahead of it competitors while ensuring that al its clients can be able to fit in a category through their different price categories.