There only, it contains a lot of chemicals that

There are many factors
that cause death in this world, and one of the factor is smoking. Everybody
knows that smoking is very detrimental because they only not hurting themselves
but people around them as well. This is most worrying part, because the recent
finding, reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),
claims that teen smoking rates have increased by nearly a third within the last
six years. This shows that smoking issue is at an alarming rate. This global
issue must be taken serious because this case involved young generation in
which they are the future leader of the country. There are some effect of
smoking that are smoking can cause lung cancer, smoking can change physical
appearance and last but not least smoking can effect studies.


  The main bad effect of smoking that smoking
can cause lung cancer. As we know smoking can cause chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD). Smokers do not know that they are affected until it
is too late to save them. Statistics shows that the number of smokers in young
generation increasing year by year. This is not a normal cases because they
must realize that Malaysia’s fate is in their hands. Young genearation
especially, they think that by smoking they can be happy and “cool”. But actually
they are totally wrong. They also make people around them tend to get many
diseases such as bad cough and lung cancer also. Smoking is very bad habit thus
it should be quitted by people, smoker don’t risk their lives but lives of
other which inhale the smoke(Greaves,2002). In conclusion, in order to stay
healthy, this bad habit must be remove from young generation because this
country is in theirs hands.

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  Next, smoking also can change their physical
appearance. Psychologist Hans Eyseck said that people that addict to smoking
can make huge personality change. This is because as we know when someone
smoking,their lips become pale and they look sleepy. This is because there is
something dangerous in the smoke that make them like that. There are about 20
chemicals and drugs that stand of tar, nicotine and carbon in one smoke ( Dr
tim, 2010). This shows that in one smoke only, it contains a lot of chemicals
that bring harmful to them. So it is not surprised when someone who addicted
smoking, their appearance can turn to negative side. In conclusion, we must
stay away from smoking because it brings a lot of harmful matters to us.


  Last but not least smoking can effect studies
especially students. This is because when they are smoking, they tend to waste
their time with their friends at mamak’s 
stalls or even at home. This is not good for them because studies must
be their priority. So they need to focus more about the assignments and
reports. Statistics from Malaysia Health Department state that about 2hours per
day students wasting their time by hangout with their friends. This is not good
because they do not know on how to handle time wisely as Pericles said that
time is a good adviser. Young generation must think wisely in order for them to
succeed (jim ,2010). This states that Malaysian especially young generation
must think wisely in order for them to get what they want for the future. In
conclusion, students must prevent themselves from involve in the “smoking
world” because once addicted, it is difficult to stop.



  In a conclusion, smoking bring a lot of
negative effect to people. As a brilliant person, we must know on how to
differentiate between the good and the bad one. If someone get involved in this
case, keep on trying to get out from this “disease” because it can make
ourselves become regret in one day. Last but not least, keep ourselves from
smoking because younger generation especially must get ready their mental and
physical so that they can lead the country especially Malaysia in a correct way
and together we say NO TO SMOKING!