There in central sub-saharan Africa. This was the first

There are many diseases around the world.  Out of all the diseases in the world scientists only know some because they’re constantly discovering new diseases.  Some diseases are visible and others are hidden, like one wouldn’t know if someone has a disease or not because for some diseases there are no symptoms that show that you have it.  Some diseases are life – threatening and others aren’t.  Many diseases can kill you but they are curable and there are diseases out there that aren’t curable.  This project will be discussing a serious virus disease known as Ebola. Ebola wasn’t always just called Ebola, it was originally called “Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever”.

Ebola is a life – threatening disease that is caused by a species with Ebola.  Ebola is a virus in the family filoviridae and genus Ebola virus.  There are 5 types of the ebola virus and they are Bundibugyo ebolavirus (BDBV), Reston ebolavirus (RESTV), Sudan ebolavirus (SUDV), Tai’ Forest ebolavirus (TAFV), and Zaire ebolavirus (EBOV).  The names of the different types of ebola virus come from where it was first discovered.

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 The first case of Ebola was in a country that had many animals and jungles.  The first case of Ebola was in 1976 in Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo – DRC). The DRC is located in central sub-saharan Africa. This was the first recognition of the disease and it was spread because the hospitals used the same needles and syringes on multiple patients resulting in it spreading and people who had the disease also made contact with other people.

 The exact area that it occured in was Yambuku.  The type of Ebola outbreak that occurred was the Zaire Virus.  This type of the virus got its name because it was first discovered in Zaire.  People at the time were scared because there was this disease that was killing people by the numbers and spreading quickly.  People weren’t advanced in medical science so there wasn’t anything they could do, but they did try many things that didn’t work. There was exactly 318 reported human cases and 280 deaths, that means roughly 88% of people who reported the cases died.

 Soon after the outbreak that occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo there was another outbreak but this time in Sudan, both outbreaks occurred in 1976.  Sudan is located in Northern Africa.  This was the second recognition of the Ebola disease and it was spread through hospitals and close contact with people who have the disease,similar to the outbreak in Zaire.  This outbreak occurred in South Sudan and the exact area was Nzara.  The type of ebola outbreak that occurred was known as the Sudan virus.  This type of the virus got its name Sudan Virus because it was first discovered in Sudan.

 This outbreak wasn’t as bad as the outbreak in Zaire because there was less number of cases reported and there was a less percent of people who died due to the disease.  There was exactly 284 reported human cases and 151 deaths, that means roughly 53% of people who reported the cases died.  From then (1976) until May – July 2017 there have been outbreaks of the ebola disease.  No one knows how ebola started in the first place.

 There are many theories, some that are just bizarre but some people actually believe.  One of the theories of how ebola started is that the government of Liberia hired soldiers to poison the wells with the ebola virus.  Another theory is that ebola is a military weapon that was stolen or used intentionally because they feel that this ebola stuff isn’t normal they think the virus was modified.  Other crazy ideas of the outbreaks starting is that two homosexual people had sex and it started spreading from there, also some believe that a human had sex with a monkey and they got the disease from the monkeys.  It is scientifically proven that animals like humans, monkey and apes can get and spread the disease, so that’s why people believe in this theory.  Ebola is a deadly disease that can’t be fully cured, but it can be treated when one gets its first symptoms.  When treating ebola it can increase chance of survival but it isn’t a definite chance of survival.

 To cure ebola you are given Intravenous fluids, oxygen therapy, and care from hospitals.  You can also be given blood transfusions.  If someone sees symptoms of Ebola they should consult with a doctor as soon as possible.  Ebola is considered one of the most dangerous diseases in the world!