There following; interviewee not prepared for the interview, not

There are various
reasons as to why some are not hired and the reasons may include the following;
interviewee not prepared for the interview, not a good fit and does not have
enough or the required experience for that particular position. Thus, in order
to prevent myself from landing into such situations, I can try to apply the
tips gained from the video to my future interviews. One of the tips that I have
gained from the video which I find is relevant to me is to prepare a good
resume. Present what you’ve done in the previous job as concisely and precisely
as possible and try not to make it long-winded. Highlight your expertise area, whatever
criteria that they are looking for, try to put it at the top of the resume so
that the HR people who are glancing through your resume can see it clearly and
know whether are you suited for the job. Always try to keep your resume
up-to-date so that in the event a sudden interview comes in, you are already
prepared with the resume. The second tip is to research the company and the
position that you are going to be taking over, before the interview. Learn
about their products and understand what is the company doing. If the company
is of your interest, then you can try to take up the job. The other tip is to
study for the technical questions. You will need to understand the programming
languages well because the interviewer might just pose a random question on web
application, for example. Since, it is something that we do not use before, we
might actually forget what has been taught to use before. Thus, it is important
for you to prepare yourself on how to answer those type of questions, to show
that you have the knowledge about the topic. The next tip is to have questions
ready to be asked at the end of the interview. This is to show that you are
interested in the job and would want to know more about the job. For example,
you may ask questions like, “what is the biggest challenge that I’m going to
face”. Such questions can guide you on what to prepare for the job.  The other main tip is to be on time for your
interview. This is because punctuality is one of the most important thing. If
you cannot be on time for your interview, the interviewer would not even want
to consider you as it just shows that, you are not capable of doing the
smallest task, so what makes them think that you are capable of a heavier task
or responsibility. It is also important for us to know how to answer interview
questions. For example, from the video, I have learnt that when an interviewer
wants you to talk about yourself, you can begin with 2 or 3 specific
experiences or accomplishments that you want the interviewer to know, and
finish it up by talking about how the experience have prepared you for the job.
You should also demonstrate the skills, qualities that can meet the
requirements of the employer, to make yourself stand out from the other
interviewees who are also applying for the same job. There are also other tips
given in the video in which I can use to apply in to my future interview. In
conclusion, being prepared for an interview is the key as your preparation
determines whether or not will you be accepted for the job.