There are abundant cities to study in India and

There are abundant cities to study in
India and sometimes it’s hard to decide among them. India is very diverse in
fact each city you go to will have something new and unique to offer.

Today we will let you know some of the
key points for perusing education in Hyderabad.

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From this city 26220 the maximum number
of F-1 visas from India have been issued (nearly 30,000 when combined with

Hyderabad is growing at an accelerated
rate with an increasingly international outlook. It is located bang in the
center of India and has a beautiful mix of north and south Indian culture.

In fact, Mercer ranked Hyderabad as the
best Indian city in its quality of living survey.

There are numerous opportunities to gain
experience or work professionally in India’s new industries in Hyderabad as
this city has long been a commercial hub in central India.

Like Bengaluru, the economy in Hyderabad
is expanding, driven by a growing ICT sector. The work culture in Hyderabad is
constantly evolving by taking notes from the global workplace.

 And it definitely helps that in Hyderabad’s
suburb ‘you can find companies like Facebook, TechMahindra, Google, IBM, and
Dell. Hyderabad’s ‘Genome Valley’ also has a major cluster of bio-medical

Hyderabad is relatively comfortable and
the area around Banjara Hills is a bit of a hub for expats. Mercer’s ranking of
Hyderabad as the best Indian city to live in emphasizes the access to
high-quality schools, transport, and public services. Not to mention, Hyderabad
airport globally recognized as one of the best airports. In Hyderabad, there is
a good bus network, but otherwise, a basic public transportation system,
although in today’s world of Uber and Ola that should be the least of our


The cost of living in Hyderabad is
extremely affordable and there are unlimited options for weekend getaways with
great tourism options in and around the city.


As a student with IPE, you will be part
of this cultural, tech-savvy and future-of-work ready city. One of the things
that set IPE a league apart is our strong sense of belongingness. And in
Hyderabad, you will belong!


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