There all about the solution. They want to fix

There are many roles for makeup processes. Two most common are put one’ makeup and dosomeone’s makeup. For example, we can say that-We tell apply lipstick or put onlipstick but the meaning will same.

An important thingin knowing aabout makeup is not a verb but it is a noun.Lines of quick cosmetic fixes-When it comes to fewpeople makeup is all about the solution.They want to fix their imperfections or marks, which can be seen outby faces. These little thingsthat make us feel less than being perfect.

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Amongthe crowd, people want to hide certainparts of their skin like scars or acne. Makeup that helps this will cover the imperfection.Maybethey don’t feel anything to cover up, but we feel that we look very tired ordull. Lipstick and blush are popular fixes for this.They try to give us a healthy glow on skin, which means that we look attractive andyouthful.If our forehead is a little more tanthan our cheeks we might choose a foundation or lotion to evenout our skin tone colour .

Some anti-agingproduct tell u that they will tighten your skin. Thusthey make our skin tighter,fairer,younger-looking and less wrinkled. If we have very light lips or eyebrows, wemay want to fill them in with a bit of color.Bringing it out our bestBy looking on another hand, some cosmetics product gives us thebest features.

Abrown eyeliner might make our eyes look more special. Thismeans to make something stand out of more than see common, and be more noticeable,like the color of our eyes .Many productsclaim to bring out our features such as like oureyes or lips. For example, a bright red lipstick will certainly bring out ourlips highlighted. The negativeside of makeup                           Makeup isn’t always good.

If anyperson is wearing a lot of makeup, and it looks very odd or unnatural, we cantell out that the makeup is fake makeup by looking at it easily. This is a very negative comment we can even get from our own friends, suchcomments nobody wants to listen to.Worrying very much about how our looks will beunhealthy for the mind. Some people saywe are haveing a looks-obsessedculture, that means we care waytoo much about our own appearance. Sometimes we need a remember that “beautyis skin-deep”.

This expression tellsus that our personalities, and other parts of life, are more important than our appearances.  STORY AROUND START-UP : By looking into the cosmetic industry it’s a competitivemarket in India, as a start-up it’s a competitive approach and hard to convincethe customer to use a new product. On organic products, it’s a new way for thecustomers to benefits and tries the product, so its a good move in the market.Being innovative and new to the market will give a positive image of people andtherefore customers get curious to try out new products.