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The story finding Nemo is a film that talks about a fish called Marlin and the search for his son. Together with his son Nemo, they lived in the Great Barrier Reef. Despite being given several warnings by his father of the dangers of the ocean, Nemo gets lost and gets abducted by a boat which netted him up and getting sent to Sydney in one of the offices belonging to a dentist. Marlin sets a quest for finding his son, and in the process, he meets another fish called Dory, who suffers from short-term memory loss. The two travel together and endure various dangers such us sharks, jellyfish and anglerfish in their process of trying to find and save Nemo. Meanwhile, Nemo finds other sea animals that together plan to escape and return to Sydney harbor where they could lead a free life again (Shmoop Editorial Team, 2,).
Moreover, the film Brave is based in a Scottish kingdom that primarily focuses on a princess called Merida, her father King Fergus and her mother Queen Elinor. Elinor wishes that her daughter gets married to a prince. Merida does not like her idea and therefore visits a witch to get a spell to use on her mother in order to change her mind. It turns out that the spell gives her more than want she had hoped for and turns her mother into a bear that forces her again to look for a way of undoing the spell (Imp, 2014).
Marlin taking the responsibilities of being a father and protecting his son brings the notion of family and the role of a father. In addition to that, we see how much Nemo’s father struggles to go and look for him when he gets abducted. The title itself finding Nemo speaks a lot on the importance having a family and how this family can influence once life (Peterson, 1) The portrayal of family in Finding Nemo shifts when Marlin’s wife Coral is eaten by a predator. However, in the beginning of the movie it shows a traditional family with a Male (Marlin) and his Wife (Coral) and portrays them as a normal couple which is looking for a house for their family and therefore we are introduced to them with a typical “problem” couples go through. Nemo initiates an instability in the relationship with his father because Marlin doesn’t know how to be a father, in fact he mentioned to Coral how he was afraid that his children wouldn’t like him which reveals his insecurities.
 The film then is narrated in a way that shows the evolution of the Father, how he overcomes his insecurities and has to face obstacles with the company of Dory. Which if it wasn’t for her, he probably wouldn’t have been able to find his son.  The evolution of Marlin from being insecure with himself and taking it out on his son by not letting him explore the ocean on his own created a ripple effect. Nemo rebels against his father and in the end both of them suffer the consequences. However, the consequences mostly affect the father because he has to learn how to be a father while on the other hand Nemo is still young and will eventually learn from his own and father’s mistakes. Marlin learns to trust his son when he lets Nemo risk his life to save Dory and the other fish from being taken by a boat again. The movie concludes with Marlin reaching the point where he knows how to be a father and becomes comfortable in the decisions Nemo will have to make, such as go to school by himself with other fish. 
The movie Brave on the other hand consists of a family comprised of King Fergus, Queen Elinor, Merida the princess and the twin brothers. They are a traditional family but the roles of authority are shifted compared to typical gender roles portrayed in media. The hierarchal structure changes when Merida rebels against her mother which leads her to tear the tapestry which can be seen as a symbol of the relationship between mother and daughter. Their relationship stabilizes when Merida realizes what she has done and aims to restore her relationship with her mother by breaking the spell that was casted on her. Merida does this by breaking the spell and by almost accepting to getting married but her mother is the one that goes through a development and tells her what Merida should say which is what Merida wants in the end; to choose her own destiny.
The male character in the story finding Nemo is more active than the female role of Dory. Marlin is very protective and caring for his son; he works very hard to reunite with his son after he got abducted. Nemo is a male character that is also very active. He plans their escape which succeeds. From Pixar’s Brave, female characters are more outspoken than male characters. The male characters like King Fergus and the other three sons do not actively take part in the story unlike Merida and her mother Elinor. This can be seen in the roles they have in their family.
Moreover, figures of authority in the family are shifted by the decisions the children make. In Finding Nemo, Marlin can be a figure of limited authority as he tries to control his son by instructing him of the dangers of the ocean. It is limited because of how non-effective it has on Nemo. The film tries to portray him as having the authority figure because he is Nemo’s father but we then view him as helpless. His method of instructing his son is inefficient and leads him in being taken away. However, Marlin has to learn how to be a father and raise a son because in the beginning of the movie we were shown with the traditional role of the mother; as the one who knows how to keep a family together and what is best. 
On the other hand, in Brave, one might think that the figure of authority is the King and this is mostly because of how he is presented to us. He is shown to be a robust and strong man but the viewer then learns that he does not play a significant role in his family or in the kingdom. The Queen runs the kingdom; therefore, the King just has the image of the Kingdom and the King does not run the family rather it is the Queen who has the authoritative figure. She decides the fate of the kingdom, manages the bills and tells the King what to say in front of the people. However, King Fergus is a protective father when his family is in danger and when someone calls for help he draws his sword and calls for the soldier. The king is a fighter; the king fought with a bear bearing in mind this ruler was also a bear hunter. He has been portrayed to be more observant than his wife as he has better knowledge of his family than his wife.
Overall, the traditional figures of authority in both films go through an evolution to learn from the desires their children want, face the consequences and therefore learn how to have a symbiotic relationship with their children. Parents are typically viewed as knowing what is best for their children but this is changed in the narratives of both Brave and Finding Nemo. Both Nemo and Merida go after what they want and that itself changes their parents literally and metaphorically speaking.
In the process of looking for his son, Marlin bumps into a fish called Dory. The two develop an excellent relationship after Dory helps Marlin find his son. Their relationship is non-romantic but compassionate because they end up caring for each other. Marlin ends up authentically caring for Dory and this can be seen when they are in the jellyfish forest and Dory gets left behind after they decided to have a race to see which one gets out first. He goes back to save and risks his life by doing so. The relationship that was created between Dory and Marlin is significant to Marlin’s development as a father. It is because of Dory that he gets to have different adventure and in the process, learns about the ocean and himself. 
In Brave, Merida and her mother grow together. Despite the hurdles they experienced, Merida apologizes to her mother in the long run after learning from her mistakes. Elinor on the other hand learns to let her daughter choose her own destiny but to always be there to guide her and not command her. Through the understanding, the two develop a better bond as their love grows even deeper (Busch, 2)
In conclusion, these stories have demonstrated many traits which can be useful in contemporary society. They both show the importance of having a strong foundation of family but bringing in contemporary ideas which are not really talked. Such as raising a son as a single father and focusing on the desires of the child. Fathers and parents as a whole should emulate and learn the importance of responsibility, care and love of family and others in general. Finding Nemo calls the viewer to help others when they are in need such as what Dory did to help Nemo find his son. Sometimes even if you do not know the person, helping them in any way could change their lives. While Brave is a breakthrough from the typical princess movies and chooses to stand by her own beliefs and desires.